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Tony Perkins' Washington Update

    Can ESPN Rebound from Lib Foul-up?
    April 28, 2017

    For the last few years, ESPN has been trying to settle a different score. And unfortunately for viewers, it has nothing to do with sports. The network, whose profits are bleeding more than Curt Shilling’s sock, is sinking under the weight of its liberal politics -- and fast. Ratings are deflating faster than New England’s footballs, as a huge chunk of viewers tune out ... (more)

    Brussel Sprouts a Summit with FRC�s Weber
    April 28, 2017

    While we’re working hard to honor God in law, policy, and culture here in the U.S., it’s easy to forget that Christians in other parts of the world face a lot of the same struggles, usually in more dire circumstances. We were honored with the opportunity to speak on that issue over the past few days, as our own Travis Weber briefed the Transatlantic Summit of the Political ... (more)

    A Century of Chaplains
    April 28, 2017

    There’s been a lot of talk about 100 days lately -- but what about 100 years? That’s what the chaplaincy of the U.S. military is celebrating this month, CBN reports. When the U.S. entered World War I, the former U.S. Army Chief of Chaplains points out, there weren’t even 150 chaplains in the ranks. By the end of the war with Germany, that number climbed to 2,300.  ... (more)

    A Split End for the Ninth Circuit?
    April 27, 2017

    Donald Trump is rarely at a loss for words. And the controversy over this week's Ninth Circuit ruling was no exception. Astonished that Judge (and Obama shill) William Orrick put the brakes on an order that would force sanctuary cities to comply with the law regarding illegal immigration, the president and his team vowed to fight on -- in more ways than one.  ... (more)

    Smother Russia: Oppressive Tactics Lands Country on Watchlist
    April 27, 2017

    Good press for Russia is hard to find these days. And that won't change any time soon, as the result of a new global report on religious liberty. In the latest release from the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), members called for Vladimir Putin's country to be blacklisted for the first time on the group's watchdog list. ... (more)

    Trump Deals in Taxes Hold'em
    April 27, 2017

    What does change in Washington mean for the change in your wallet? We're about to find out! With April 15th still fresh in everyone's minds, President Trump couldn't have picked a better time to roll out his plan to slash taxes. Two weeks after the IRS took a big bite out of people's wallets, the new administration is ready to sink its teeth into something else: the confusing ... (more)

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