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Giving Thanks
Tomorrow many Americans will gather with family and friends around a dinner table that will contain a feast that would have (read more)
Finding Riders for This Omnibus
When the House and Senate fly back from Thanksgiving, they'll get to work carving up something else: the federal budget. (read more)
GOP Hopefuls Hope to Break the ISIS
While the rest of the West hunkers down to shore up their security plans, President Obama has been jet-setting to Asia to (read more)

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Yes, it�s possible to defund Planned Parenthood with 51 votes
Here is a terrific NRO piece from Marjorie Dannenfelser of the SBA List explaining the serious stakes before the U.S. Senate when it comes to defunding a significant portion of Planned Parenthood’s federal subsidies. Marjorie explains how this can be done on the
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