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Biden's Big Government Works Overtime for Unemployment
The evidence of it is everywhere -- at restaurants, factories, construction sites, even want ads. A couple in Chattanooga (read more)
Amid Calls for Cancelation, Promise Keepers Stands Strong
The cancel culture must be getting desperate. After a month of having their lunch handed to them by Georgia, Montana, (read more)
What Happens When a Sex Shop Owner Runs the School Board?
It's a story that's becoming all too common. First grade students in Bellingham, Washington, were read a book in class about (read more)

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The Final 2020 Election Results Show that Despite a Divided Nation, Social Conservatives Won Big
by Connor Semelsberger (February 19, 2021)
The 2020 election cycle has finally come to a close with Anthony Brindisi conceding his loss to Claudia Tenney in the contentious race to represent New York's 22nd Congressional District. Claudia Tenney now reclaims the seat she held in Congress from 2017-2018 by a mere
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