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In the space of a week, two teachers and a reporter have been fired from their jobs over stances they took because of their religious beliefs. Notably, all the firings happened in conservative parts of the country.

A new law passed last week by the California legislature and signed by Governor Gavin Newsom (D) would make the state a sanctuary location for children who wish to obtain gender transition procedures. But according to a new report, California has enough problems caring for children already.

Despite the American public's disagreement and backlash against the politicization of sports events, the "gender inclusive" train shows no signs of slowing down. Bank of America Chicago Marathon announced a nonbinary heat at their upcoming October 9 race. While the runners who identify as neither male nor female won't receive prize money, Chicago Marathon is working on a more "inclusive" environment for the minority group. (Out of 40,000 registered attendees, less than 100 entered under the nonbinary division.) In a similar measure, both Boston and London Marathons are planning to add the nonbinary division to their 2023 races.

The D.C. Council on Tuesday voted 12-1 for a bill that would allow non-citizens, including illegal immigrants, to vote in local elections. Under the bill, the only requirements to vote in the District of Columbia are residency (30 days) and age (18 years on general election day) requirements. The initial vote came after the seven-member Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety unanimously approved the measure the same day.

Flying in the face of conventional wisdom, new research suggests that young people, and those in the lower income bracket, shouldn't worry about saving money for retirement, Marketwatch reports. The (lack of) financial planning advice originates from the "life-cycle model" which describes the spending habits of early, mid, and late career professionals.

It was a March for Life like no other: For one thing, it took place on a beautiful fall afternoon. For another, it took place outside Washington, D.C., in the quintessential middle American city of Columbus, Ohio. Thousands of people from every corner of the Buckeye state stood outside the statehouse before pouring into the streets of the state capital Wednesday for the first-ever Ohio March for Life.


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