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The Bible: Misunderstood and Under Assault
By Travis Weber, Director of the Center for Religious Liberty
The Bible is in the news again. Last week, the (read more)
U.S. Navy Keeps the First Amendment Afloat
The U.S. Navy is sinking the hopes of secularists seeking to rid the military of religious freedom. Under the Obama (read more)
The Handwriting Meets a Wall for Religious Expression
You wouldn't print a wedding invitation in Comic Sans font. A wedding is a serious event with lasting impact upon the lives (read more)

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Free Speech in the Era of Social Media
by Walton Loving (April 20, 2018)
In the last decade, the explosion of the internet has allowed us to reach a global audience almost instantly. Online social media platforms have become the primary way that people express their views, with 69 percent of American adults using some form of social media
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