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Haven Help Us: Christian Refugees Barred from U.S.
Imagine having two four-year-old twin daughters. You and your wife are desperately trying to get them out of Iran, where (read more)
Cracks in Philadelphia's Anti-Liberty Bill
Philadelphia is so desperate for foster families that it's airing public service announcements. So, what's the city doing (read more)
FRC in the Spotlight
Everyone has ideas about the GOP's strategy for November. I shared some thoughts with the reporters at McClatchy's D.C. (read more)

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Record High 245 Members of Congress Score 100 percent on FRC Action's New Scorecard
Family Research Council (FRC) Action released its scorecard today for the First Session of the 115th Congress. A record number -- 245 Members of Congress -- scored a perfect 100 percent for votes cast last year...
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