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Michelle Bachelet's controversial visit to China began on Monday. The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights is billing her trip as a way to address human-rights challenges in China, something her office has been looking into for years. However, Bachelet is unlikely to see any hint of China's human rights violations on her trip.

Monday, the Texas School Board Association formally dissociated from the National School Boards Association (NSBA), becoming the 24th state association "to withdraw membership, participation, or dues." They voted in response to the release on Friday of an independent review of the NSBA's infamous letter from last fall asking the federal Department of Justice to investigate concerned parents as domestic terrorists (which whistleblowers say they did).

Americans are finding out what State Farm apparently puts a premium on: indoctrination. Thanks to a company whistleblower, the corporation was just outed for trying to flood local libraries and schools with transgender stories for children. "The project's goal," the January email read, "is to increase representation of LGBTQ books and support our communities in having challenging, important, and empowering conversations with children Age 5+." Turns out, parents don't like the idea of an insurance company laying claim on their kids. And the outrage pouring into headquarters proves it.

President Joe Biden wandered off script when he said the United States would intervene militarily to keep China from invading Taiwan, but a conservative member of Congress said on Monday's episode of "Washington Watch" that Biden's words showed rare resolve against an American enemy -- and the White House's efforts to walk back the president's comments only benefit the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN).

Russian officials have permanently banned Family Research Council President Tony Perkins from setting foot in the nation, because of his outspoken criticism of Moscow's religious liberty restrictions. On Saturday, Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs included Perkins on a list of 963 Americans "who are permanently banned from entering the Russian Federation." "I'll have to scratch Russia off my list of vacation spots," quipped Perkins.

The NBA's Jonathan Isaac hasn't played a game since August 2020 -- but people are still talking about what happened at the last one he did. It was the height of the George Floyd riots, and the league was in full-on social justice warrior mode. Thanks to COVID, the season had rebooted in a bubble -- and for most pro-sports, it was an intensely political time. Almost every team had plastered "Black Lives Matter" across courts, jerseys, warm-up hoodies. And yet, three games into the bridged season, Isaac still did what no other player had the courage to: he stood for the national anthem.


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