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Planned Parenthood Minds Its Ps and LGBTQs
Imagine how upset you'd be to find out that your tax dollars were funding radical sexual propaganda targeted at your kids. (read more)
ICE Queen: Harris Compares Immigration Workers to KKK
A normal job interview is stressful, but one before the U.S. Senate? Democrats can make that downright painful. A parade of (read more)
Truth Erased by Hollywood in Film Attacking Counseling Choice
Hollywood has now joined the LGBT movement's attacks on sexual orientation change efforts (SOCE), or so-called "conversion (read more)

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Values Voters Help President Trump Defy History in Expanding Pro-Life Majority in the U.S. Senate
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 6, 2018 CONTACT: J.P. Duffy or Macie Malone, (866) FRC-NEWS WASHINGTON, DC – Leading up to Election Day, Family Research Council Action (FRC Action), organized a fleet of four Values Buses that made scores of stops in a dozen
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