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Trunk Outreach Drives Church to Do More
How easy is it to help your community in the crisis? Just pop your trunk! North of Dallas in Coppell, Texas, Pastor Tim (read more)
Bibi Steps to a Coalition Government
"Unity" isn't a word people hear a lot in the Middle East, but in Israel, it might be the theme behind a new coalition (read more)
Left Has No Soft Spot for MyPillow CEO
When President Trump turned over the microphone to MyPillow founder Mike Lindell at the White House, liberals hit the fan at (read more)

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For the Unborn, a Bernie Sanders Presidency Would Be Very Dangerous
While Bernie Sanders' stances on most policies are troubling for most conservatives in America, his stance on abortion is one that all Americans should find particularly troubling. Sanders is a clear-cut, elderly socialist, which should be a huge red flag to all
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