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GOP to Biden: Come to Your Census
Joe Biden hasn't said where he stands on packing the courts, but we know one thing he's willing to pack: Congress. While (read more)
Republicans Penn. Hopes on Election Overhaul
Democrats may have manipulated state election laws in 2020, but they'll have a much harder time doing it now -- if (read more)
'The Woke Has Gone for Broke'
In the competition for "wokest school system of all," Illinois just might be the winner. But be warned, parents in the other (read more)

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Are U.S. Senate Candidate Rev. Warnock's Views Consistent with the Bible?
As the dust begins to settle after the 2020 election, control of the Senate is still up in the air. How? In Georgia, there is a special run-off election scheduled for January 5th which will decide which two candidates will represent the state in the Senate. These two
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