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Normalizing Abortion: Not If, But Wen
Her mom was the candidate behind the most radical pro-abortion shift in the Democratic Party. Now, Chelsea Clinton wants (read more)
Join Me in Bossier This Sunday!
What's happening in America and how do we fix it? How should Christians respond to the changing culture? What does the Bible (read more)
Navratilova Serves up Controversy in Trans Debate
Martina Navratilova is an 18-time Grand Slam tennis champion. But now, she's creating a racket over something else: (read more)

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Elections Have Consequences
by Worth Loving (February 15, 2019)
Many Americans were understandably horrified when New York passed one of the most expansive late-term abortion laws in the country a few weeks ago. When asked about a similar bill proposed in his own state, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam not only defended the bill but
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