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Uncivil Rights: Group Demands Take Down of Video Supporting Sick Child
Harper Smith is a 4-year-old little girl battling an illness for which she has been hospitalized. Members of the Lake (read more)
Taxpayer-funded Study Pushes Dangerous Agenda
For progressive activists, nothing can stand in the way of their agenda -- not even the health and well-being of children.(read more)
Values Voters Summit Streaming Free Friday-Saturday
It all kicks off Friday morning. It's the 13th edition of the Values Voter Summit, but it's by no means unlucky. VVS 2018 is (read more)

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Pornography: America's Public Health Crisis
Chuck Swindoll called it the “greatest cancer in the history of the church.” Not too many years ago, pornography was often difficult and costly to obtain. People would go to XXX stores or order through the mail. Today we face a far different scenario. With
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