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House of Bill Repute: GOP Heads into August at Record Pace
If traffic was a little lighter in D.C. this morning, commuters can thank Congress. After a round of Thursday votes, House (read more)
Trump, Congress Play Hardball on Brunson
There was only one way the State Department's religious freedom ministerial could have ended on a higher note -- and that's (read more)
University of Minnesota on Redefining Gender: Gopher It!
What's "misgendering?" Students at the University of Minnesota might want to look it up, seeing as they could be kicked out (read more)

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Pornography: America's Public Health Crisis
Chuck Swindoll called it the “greatest cancer in the history of the church.” Not too many years ago, pornography was often difficult and costly to obtain. People would go to XXX stores or order through the mail. Today we face a far different scenario. With
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