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On Infanticide, Dems Use Scarce Tactics
You never happened. Imagine sitting down to that headline if you're Melissa Ohden, Gianna Jessen, or one of a (read more)
Persecutors All over the Map, Christians Warn
"We will cut you. We will kill you. We will do anything we want to you." The threat, Arjun and Neha knew, was real. Banished (read more)
A West Coast Sit-Down about Standing
Sunday morning, I joined my good friend, Pastor Jack Hibbs, at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills for their three morning services. (read more)

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In the Democratic Party, Pro-Abortion Extremism Knows No Bounds
It was no surprise to pro-lifers on February 11th when the pro-abortion, Democrat-controlled Colorado House Committee on State, Veterans, and Military Affairs voted to postpone and essentially kill CO HB 1068, which would have provided legal protection for infants born
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