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Blessed Assurance: Message Is Fine...
God isn't the enemy, but He's sure been treated like one on some military installations. At Marine Corps Base Hawaii, (read more)
Army Petitions Sarge Ahead!
The Pentagon may not have Sergeant First Class Charles Martland's back, but more than 130,000 Americans do! Since the Bronze (read more)
Foxx and Friends Debut New Panel
There's plenty of uncertainty about who will be leading the House -- but not quite as much on where they'll lead. One of the (read more)

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States Grapple with Whether Some Conscience Rights are More Equal Than Others
The recent, intense debate over whether Kim Davis should go to jail or be a hero means that many Americans are considering conscience rights in light of the redefinition of marriage for the first time. We can learn a lot by looking at a case involving a state conscience
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