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No one can question that the needs of the people in Gaza are profound, and Christians need to be deeply concerned for them. As relief ministries seek to provide essential medical and food aid to the Palestinian Arabs, followers of Jesus should support them. Yet with all this said, the single greatest irony of the conflict to date is the charge that Israel has a "genocidal" policy toward Gaza's Arab population while genocide is exactly what radical Islamists have in mind for Israel.

The Democrats' war on parental rights continues in Missouri, where ideologically captured school boards shut moms and dads out of decisions regarding sexuality, on which the parents had a statutory right to give input. Now, Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey (R) has taken up the parents' cause against the school districts. "The school board has got to respect the parents' rights to determine these sorts of policy decisions," Bailey argued on "Washington Watch," and ultimately have a voice in that process."

Washington, D.C. - FRC Action PAC, the political action committee connected with Family Research Council Action, is endorsing Rep. Virginia Foxx for U.S. House of Representatives for the 5th District of North Carolina. FRC Action President Jody Hice issued the following statement:

Last week, it was reported that the Biden administration is utilizing at least one federal agency to collude with left-wing non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in an effort to conduct get out the vote campaigns. Experts say the administration's actions violate federal law.

Former President Donald Trump has defeated fellow GOP presidential primary contender Nikki Haley in her home state of South Carolina. Trump took the Palmetto State Saturday night with nearly 60% of the vote while Haley, the state's former governor, claimed less than 40% of the vote. This follows Trump dominating the GOP primary field in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada. The Associated Press called the South Carolina primary for Trump within minutes of polls closing, based on the strength of exit polling alone.

The nation's finest legal minds warn that ongoing efforts to exclude Christians from serving on juries due to their biblical beliefs is part of a campaign "relegating Christians to second-class citizen status." The Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal of a Missouri case in which potential jurors were kicked off the jury after saying they went to a "conservative Christian church" that taught that having homosexual behavior is sinful - even after assuring they could properly apply the law. Barring Christians from serving civic functions based on their beliefs "exemplifies the danger that I anticipated in Obergefell v. Hodges," the controversial 2015 Supreme Court decision that invented the "right" to same-sex marriage, wrote Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.


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