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    Pete's Abortion Extremism a Mayor Mistake
    February 7, 2020

    You've got to hand it to Pete Buttigieg. While the rest of the competition is out there in far-left field, he's trying to carve out a nice little niche for himself in the space no one's bothered to occupy: the middle. For the last several weeks, there's been a whole lot of elbow room for the South Bend mayor, who's making hay pretending to be a mild-mannered moderate. There's just one problem. Behind the disarming façade, his positions are just as extreme as everyone else's. (continue reading...)

    Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Illegal Masses
    February 7, 2020

    If there's any state that should've learned the importance of national security, it's New York. And yet, even after terrorists turned the Twin Towers into two gigantic craters, the state's liberals haven't learned those painful lessons. Instead of being more careful about who enters the country, they're throwing open the doors to criminals and illegals alike. And this president isn't about to stand by and watch. (continue reading...)

    Nike on State Adoption: Just Don't Do It
    February 7, 2020

    Nike loves selling kids shoes -- it just doesn't care if they have a home to wear them in. That's the amazing revelation from a new campaign against Tennessee adoption. The sports giant, which is still on a lot of Americans' you-know-what list after dissing the national anthem, isn't doing itself any favors by signing a letter telling Christians to get out of the childcare business. (continue reading...)

    Breakfast with a Side of Prayer
    February 6, 2020

    If there were ever a time the nation needed prayer, it's now. The morning after America's long impeachment nightmare finally came to an end, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) spoke for everyone when he said at this morning's National Prayer Breakfast, "The Lord works in mysterious ways. I do not think he could have picked a better day to bring us all together." (continue reading...)

    The Starbucks Stop Here
    February 6, 2020

    Lynn Meagher seriously considered killing herself. Desperate, tormented, and out of options, she went to see a therapist. How should she cope, she cried, knowing that two of her children wanted nothing to do with her? Two children, who, through horrible, mutilating surgeries, destroyed the bodies she'd carried inside her? "I felt I was living in a dream, a nightmare," she says quietly. That nightmare, the one she wouldn't wish on her worst enemy, is real. And from now on, every time you walk through the door of a Starbucks, you're telling moms like Lynn you couldn't care less. (continue reading...)

    Trump Lets Her Rip at SOTU
    February 5, 2020

    It was not the speech of a man who'd endured months of political harassment. It wasn't the performance of a president "shamed and cowed by impeachment." It was the message of leader who's beaten the odds -- and, for three years, helped Americans do the same. Tuesday night's State of the Union was classic, confident, unconventional Trump -- a powerful reminder, in a chamber bent on his destruction, that this administration's successes are personal for every one of us. (continue reading...)

    Franklin Graham in the Spotlight
    February 5, 2020

    After being kicked out of a few U.K. venues over his faith, Rev. Franklin Graham joined "Washington Watch" Tuesday night to talk about his tour across the ocean and why his message is inclusive, not hateful. He also explains why President Trump's record has made all the difference -- not just for Christians here, but all around the world. You can hear that and more in our conversation below. (continue reading...)

    Banks Mortgage away Kids for LGBT Cause
    February 5, 2020

    What kind of people would kick needy kids out of good schools? Big Business, that's who. In Florida, companies like Wells Fargo and Fifth Third Bank are dropping out of a scholarship program -- all because some of the private schools have religious beliefs. Apparently, these CEOs think the LGBT agenda is more important than giving low-income kids the chance to succeed. Unfortunately for them, most parents across the state disagree -- and aren't about to let the vouchers go quietly. (continue reading...)

    'In Evin Prison, Everything Is a Shock'
    February 5, 2020

    "My heart is filled with love for Jesus. My mouth cannot proclaim something different." Such was the defiant stance of one Iranian Christian in the face of persecution by his own government, even with his family pleading with him to denounce the Lord. As Iranian Christian Dabrina Bet Tamraz told us today, "[t]hey go to prison, they proclaim Jesus. They come out of prison, they proclaim Jesus." In Iran today, visions are so common that fellow believers ask each other if they have seen Jesus -- they expect the experience to be shared by others. (continue reading...)

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