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    Biden Tries Boosting His Self-Extreme
    June 3, 2019

    There are times when the Democratic party looks like a formidable threat heading into 2020 -- and other times, like this weekend, when people are wondering if their political strategists are permanently out to lunch. Initially, former Vice President Joe Biden probably stood out to a lot of people as a legitimate contender in the field of 23. Now, after a Human Rights Campaign dinner keynote, he's standing out for another reason: his LGBT fanaticism. (continue reading...)

    President's Day -- in June!
    June 3, 2019

    It's not every day that you get a call that the President of the United States is on his way to your church. But for McLean Bible Church Pastor David Platt, the unannounced stop was a chance for his large congregation to do what Scripture commands: pray for Donald Trump. (continue reading...)

    On Bogren, Two's Company
    June 3, 2019

    Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) was willing to stand alone on the nomination of Michigan attorney Michael Bogren. Now, thank goodness, he won't have to. The more people hear about the offensive comparisons the East Lansing lawyer made, the more disturbed they are. That includes Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas). (continue reading...)

    This Sunday: Pray for Donald Trump!
    May 31, 2019

    If you picked up a copy of USA Today, then you probably saw the reminder to pray for our president this Sunday, June 2. If you didn't, Franklin Graham and Christian leaders all across the country are encouraging you to set aside a special time, individually, at church -- or both! -- to ask God's blessing, wisdom, and guidance on Donald Trump as he leads our nation. (continue reading...)

    Religious Freedom on Taiwan Time
    May 31, 2019

    As China continues to rattle its economic saber during trade talks with the United States -- all the while upping its persecution of Christian, Uyghur, and other minorities -- what better time to discuss religious freedom? And what better place to discuss it than Taiwan, the small island nation whose freedom stands in stark contrast to the repression of the mainland? (continue reading...)

    On Bogren, There's No Lifetime Guarantee
    May 31, 2019

    Senate Republicans have one shot at federal judgeship right. If they're right, the country has the benefits of years of strict originalism. If they're wrong, Americans will pay for it -- for a lifetime. Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) isn't willing to take that chance in Michael Bogren's case, not when religious liberty is on the line. (continue reading...)

    Objections Sustained over Michigan Attorney Bogren
    May 30, 2019

    Michael Bogren's supporters say he isn't hostile to faith. But the Christian family he compared to the KKK would sure beg to differ. The man nominated to a Michigan federal court was just an attorney, some senators have argued, defending his client's intolerant policy. But did he have to do it with such anti-religious dogma? Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) says no. (continue reading...)

    A Total Eclipse of the Heartbeat
    May 30, 2019

    At first, they don't seem all that alike. He's the 22-year-old contestant who wowed the world on Wednesday's "America's Got Talent." She's the tiniest baby ever to survive. One was blind and autistic, barely able to introduce the song that shocked people to tears. The other was the size of a juice box, fitting snuggly in the doctor's hands. By the Left's standards, neither life was worth saving.  (continue reading...)

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