December 7, 2020
A Worst (Suit)case Scenario for Fraud

A Worst (Suit)case Scenario for Fraud

Tony Perkins

When the president touched down in Georgia on Saturday, his legal team was already on the ground. Thanks to the "smoking suitcase video," documented irregularities, and witness testimony, the Trump campaign thinks it has more than enough evidence to challenge the state's election results. Only this time, the team doesn't just want a hearing -- it wants a new statewide election.

"Due to significant systemic misconduct, fraud, and other irregularities occurring during the election process, many thousands of illegal votes were cast, counted, and included in the tabulations from the Contested Election for the Office of the President of the United States, thereby creating substantial doubt regarding the results of that election," the lawsuit, filed in court on Friday, reads.

Of course, the image Democrats can't seem to shake is the blockbuster video of four suitcases that appear to be stuffed with ballots, pulled out from under a table, and counted and scanned without election supervisors present. Regardless of how the media is trying to dismiss this story (and a simple Google search shows how desperately they're trying), "legitimate ballots do not come in suitcases," Rush Limbaugh pointed out, "That's not how they are transported. That's not how they are collected. It's not how they are stored. They don't come in suitcases! You don't need to know any more than that to know something is awry here." And yet, Democrats are still insisting there's no evidence of fraud. "Do they even know what 'evidence' means? Of course they do. They're just lying through their teeth about it."

Republican members, like Rep. Jody Hice (R-Ga.), were just as shocked. "This EXPLOSIVE fraud is ORGANIZED," he tweeted. "People do not spontaneously conceal cases of ballots in a counting room to be counted later in secret. It requires money, logistics and leadership -- like Stacey Abrams's group that's already under investigation. Who's running this operation?"

In a state where less than 12,000 ballots separate Joe Biden and Donald Trump, this is the kind of coordinated manipulation that can sway elections. The media, meanwhile, is frantically trying to debunk the story -- insisting this was a completely above-board operation (which just happened to exclude poll watchers and other Republican officials). Remember Election night, Mollie Hemingway asks? Every major news outlet was reporting that Georgia's "ballot counters were sent home." So what are they doing pulling out suitcases of ballots and feeding them through machines in secret?

That's something the Trump legal team wants to get to the bottom of -- along with a laundry list of other problems and irregularities, several of which would more than close the 12,000-vote gap. According to Trump's legal team:

"Data experts also provided sworn testimony in the lawsuit identifying thousands of illegal votes: 2,560 felons; 66,247 underage voters, 2,423 votes from people not registered; 1,043 individuals registered at post office boxes; 4,926 individuals who voted in Georgia after registering in another state; 395 individuals who voted in two states; 15,700 votes from people who moved out of state before the election; 40,279 votes of people who moved without reregistering in their new county; and another 30,000 to 40,000 absentee ballots lacking proper signature matching and verification."

Is it any wonder the media is having a tough time selling its "fair and honest election" headlines? Politico, one of the outlets on the ground in Georgia, was stunned at how many Americans still don't believe the election results. Reporter James Arkin said they'd talked to more than two dozen voters, and "not a single person told Politico they thought Joe Biden had won the election." This was mind-boggling to Arkin, who pointed out that there'd been a recount in Georgia and other states.

But frankly, America's misgivings shouldn't surprise anyone. Voters saw how Democrats abused the process in the name of COVID, how they twisted and changed election laws without legislatures' consent. Trust in the system was at a record low well before Election Day. There was a time, the president told the crowd Saturday night, when "I used to say, 'Without borders, we don't have a country.' I can also say that without an honest voting system, without an electoral process that's honest and fair, we don't have a country either." Which is why, the president said, "Now is not the time to retreat. Now is the time to fight harder than before."