December 3, 2020
Parties Set to Bulldog Georgia Election

Parties Set to Bulldog Georgia Election

Tony Perkins

There isn't an award for the worst political advice of 2020, but if there were, Sidney Powell and Lin Wood would win it. The two attorneys, who claim to be allies of President Trump, are insisting that the best way to protest election fraud is by boycotting the Georgia election. Don't vote, they told a MAGA crowd in Atlanta -- sending GOP leaders through the roof and giving Democrats, who are a Senate majority away from radicalizing America, an unexpected Christmas present.

Wood and Powell rationalized their crazy plea by saying Senators Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.) and David Perdue (R-Ga.) hadn't done enough to stop the fraud in Georgia. "They've got to earn [your votes]," the duo insisted. And until they do more to make "your vote secure... don't give it to them." GOP stalwarts watched the press conference, slack-jawed. These races hinge on turnout. And the last thing anyone who cares about President Trump's accomplishments should do is hand the Senate's keys to a party of extremists that will undo everything he's worked for. That's not protesting fraud. That's rewarding liberals for it!

Former House Speaker (and Georgian) Newt Gingrich, like so many Republicans, was beside himself at the suggestion. "Lin Wood and Sidney Powell are totally destructive," he insisted. "Every Georgia conservative who cares about America MUST vote in the runoff. Their 'don't vote' strategy will cripple America." In a state where only 13,000 votes separate the two presidential candidates, conservatives can't afford to lose a single one. These senators, Trump said, "are fantastic people who love their country and love their state. We must work hard and be sure they win." He's right. Staying home only gives radical socialists a blank check to destroy the country.

Even Democrats, who are positively giddy at the internal feud, can't seem to figure out Wood's motivations. His boycott is like an "in-kind" contribution for Georgia Democrats, Washington Post reporter Josh Dawsey said. But, it turns out, that's not the only contribution Wood's made. The self-professed Trump supporter has worn a lot more hats than MAGA's. In a revealing column for Breitbart, Matthew Boyle details what might be driving the attorneys' sabotage. Wood may call himself an ally of Trump, Boyle writes, but his thousands of dollars in political contributions scream otherwise.

"...[T]he real story here is that Wood is by no means a Republican... Wood has long supported Democrats in the state of Georgia, and now with U.S. Senate hanging in the balance, he has positioned himself as a leading voice of the MAGA movement." But follow the money, Boyle insists. This is a man with "a long history of donating to top Democrats' presidential, gubernatorial, senatorial, and congressional campaigns." FEC records show gifts in the tens of thousands of dollars to people like Barack Obama and Georgia Democrats -- some gifts as recently as 2017 and 2018. These aren't moderate candidates either. These are men and women actively working to undermine the president's agenda.

Speaking of those men and women, look at what not voting in January would give us: two liberal Democrats that would change our country forever. Loeffler's opponent, Raphael Warnock, is so extreme that even the Washington Post is publishing columns that admit he "might really be too radical for Georgia." And it's not difficult to see why. Apart from his admiration for Fidel Castro and Jeremiah Wright, this is a man who said he's "sick and tired" of the attacks on socialism! Is that the kind of person Georgians want representing them? When the Atlanta Journal Constitution called that race a "study in contrasts," they weren't kidding.

While her opponent is espousing the virtues of communist Cuba, Loeffler has been fighting to save girls' sports, faith-based adoption, and unborn children. Just this week, liberal outlets attacked the Georgian senator for her philanthropy, of all things. Unbeknownst to most Americans, she's been donating her annual salary to a group of pregnancy care centers -- something she should be praised for, not vilified over! But then, helping mothers and saving lives has never been the Left's cup of tea.

In the meantime, I appreciate the frustration of conservatives who are doubting whether the election process can be trusted. But unlike November 3rd, when the country's attention was scattered across 50 states, all eyes are on Georgia. Cheating is a lot harder to do when everyone's watching. And from the local GOP officials all the way to the governor's office, Republicans have promised to do in their power to ensure the runoff is a fair one. "I understand the concerns of the president's most passionate supporters and we share them," David Shafer, the chair of the Georgia GOP, insisted. "We are fighting to make sure that every lawful vote is counted, and every unlawful vote rejected. In the end, the stakes are too high for us not to come together."

Others, like Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan (R), want to reassure voters that they're very vested in an honest outcome. "I'm going to continue to work with the secretary of state [and] attorney general to make sure we have a fair, legal election... We need to make sure that we send two Republican senators back to the Senate. Not just for us here in Georgia, but for Republicans all over the state [and] all over the country."

If you believe the Left cheated in the presidential election (and most conservatives do), the best revenge is keeping the Senate in Republican hands, not handing over Congress on a silver platter. Right now, Georgia voters are the last line of defense between America and a radical socialist takeover. Staying home is not -- and never should be -- an option.