November 3, 2020
A Time for Faith

A Time for Faith

Tony Perkins

In Washington, D.C., there wasn't a cloud in the sky on the day everyone has been waiting for. Maybe, some say, the storm will come later when liberal mobs take to the streets. Right now, the evidence of that concern is all around us, in businesses covered in plywood, and office windows and entrances boarded shut. If anything points to a Trump win, Rich Lowry muses, it might be that: a country braced for the angry Left. Here at FRC, our teams are settling in for a long night. But whatever happens, we're prepared. We've prayed. Today, we vote. And tomorrow -- we stand.

For a lot of states, it's already been a record-shattering election. The number of people pouring in to early vote has already topped six states' total turnout for 2016! The long lines, packed-out rallies, and historic engagement all show an enthusiasm that many of us haven't seen in this country for years. Maybe Americans are finally grasping how much is at stake. "Every single one of the president's actions," Senator James Lankford (R-Okla.) reminded listeners on "Washington Watch," "are on the ballot." If radical Democrats win the White House and the Senate, he warned, "they'll have the ability to start unwinding quickly the [progress] of President Trump." That means thousands of rules, executive orders, and agency guidelines on the sanctity of human life, religious freedom, international diplomacy -- everything his administration has accomplished hangs in the balance.

"You also have all of the judges in the days ahead on the ballot," Lankford argued, "including the size of the Supreme Court." Thank goodness for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who's taken a slow, deliberative body and turned it into a weapon of effectiveness for the courts. At least 250 vacancies have been permanently filled with men and women who believe in originalism and the law. But what happens under an administration that doesn't care about the plain text of the Constitution? Can the country survive a Joe Biden-Kamala Harris slate of judges who are nothing but wannabe legislators, carrying out the agenda of the Left? Let's hope we never find out.

Also, "all of our foreign policy actions that come out of the Senate are all on the ballot, things like the capital of Israel being in Jerusalem, [peace deals]... Does that continue or does this stop or go backwards?" What about the unborn, Lankford went on? People won't realize all that this president has done until his agenda is undone. "I mean, people may know about this," Lankford said, "but no American taxpayer dollars [are] being used for foreign expansion of abortion. That wasn't true under the Obama administration. They were using American taxpayer dollars to perform and promote abortions overseas. [This president is]... defending the dignity of human life in research." Then there's all the work they've done to isolate Planned Parenthood and promote pro-life options. They've even, Lankford explained, made historic gains on conscience protections. Promise after promise has been kept.

"I know people sometimes vote based on personality," Franklin Graham said on "Washington Watch" Monday, "people they like over another person they don't like. And I get that... [But], there's also policy here. And the platforms of the two parties are so completely different. And when you vote for a candidate, you're signing on to that party's platform. And we have a party that supports abortion and wants to do more. And if you vote for [those] people, you're signing onto their agenda."

Many of us have worked for months to expose that agenda and protect the progress of this administration. At the end of the day, though, the outcome is in God's hands. It's time to rest in faith, as Franklin urged knowing we have done our part. "... [R]egardless of who wins the election or loses the election, God's people are still going to be here, and we're still going to be functioning, and we're still going to be doing the work he told us to do. Now, it may cost us more... and if that [happens], so be it. But let's do the work God has called us to. And let's not be afraid of what's going to happen or not happen. We just need to be faithful."

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