November 3, 2020
Knock, Knock, Knocking on Voters' Doors

Knock, Knock, Knocking on Voters' Doors

Tony Perkins

In these final days before the polls closed, FRC Action adopted a new motto: leave no door unknocked! Our teams and field staff have been fanning out across the country for the last two weeks, making a huge last-minute push in battleground states like Florida, North Carolina, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. If you're wondering whether your support made a difference, we've delivered 1.2 million voter guides, knocked on 80,000 doors, had more than 71,000 conversations with voters, and called tens of thousands of homes to talk to them about what's at stake this November!

Just as encouraging, we've had some youthful help to do it. A group of more than 540 high schoolers from Generation Joshua have volunteered to help us turn out the vote in key swing states, working around the clock to get the message out about the contrast between the two visions on the ballot. So if you're concerned about the future of this country and the values of the next generation, take it from us: the movement of young conservatives is alive and well (and coming to a porch near you)!

Over the past couple weeks, our teams were surprised to hear how many Americans had no idea how different the two parties' agendas are! Several of them just assumed that these were the Democratic and Republican parties of their parents' era. Instead, they were stunned to see radical abortion, freedom-crushing, anti-faith socialism masquerading as "moderation" on the Biden-Harris ticket. Once they saw the huge gaps in worldview -- spelled out in videos like FRCA's platform comparison -- the choice seemed stark on issues like abortion, religious liberty, marriage, gender, health care, parents' rights, God in government, and judges.

Other people were grateful for resources like the Trump Accomplishments, because they said they had friends who were undecided. Understanding what this president had done would be the extra push they needed. Back here at FRC headquarters, our teams were busy updating the voter guides, platform comparisons, Trump Actions on Life, Family and Religious Liberty, and International Religious Liberty, Joe Biden-Kamala Harris on the issues -- and then translating them all into Spanish!

On the production side, our crew was equally busy. In September and October alone, FRC and FRC Action released more than 400 videos, which were viewed 9.7 million times for a total of over 4.1 million minutes watched. That includes broadcasts like the Pray, Vote, Stand series, FRC Action ads, and targeted clips for our social media audiences.

But as important as our resources and outreach have been, our priority was always to seek the Lord first. That meant FRC's prayer emphasis has been front and center. Every week, FRC Board Chair Michele Bachmann led a nationwide prayer call with believers, and we urged everyone to follow along our special election prayer guide. Tonight and throughout this week, you can help us continue that effort by praying for a fair and accurate election reporting and peace on our streets. In between, you can join me and special guests for live updates, analysis of the election results, and time in prayer for our nation. Tune in at every hour on the half hour starting at 8:30 p.m. ET at for these special broadcasts.