November 2, 2020
Kamala Practices Socialism Distancing

Kamala Practices Socialism Distancing

Tony Perkins

More than a million people have watched Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) try to laugh her way through one of the most serious questions of this election. Would she bring her "socialist or progressive perspective" to the White House? In the "60 Minutes" interview that's making plenty of voters queasy, Harris's face freezes in stunned surprise before she cackles like she'd been asked the most ridiculous thing in the world. But is it? Not according to her own Twitter account, where -- two days before the election -- she shared her Marxist vision for America.

The post, which carries more than its share of risk, was a surprising move. After months of deflecting questions about his running mate's extremism, Joe Biden will now have to spend the last 24 hours before the election explaining why Senator Harris is preaching "equity" over equality." In the cartoon she shares on her feed, two men -- one white and one black -- are at the foot of the mountain. Only the white man can reach the rope and begins climbing. "Equality suggests, 'Oh, everyone should get the same amount,'" Harris says in narration. "The problem with that [is], not everybody's starting out at the same place." She talks about the government giving everyone the same resources and support (read: redistribution of wealth) so that people can be on equal footing.

The backlash was almost immediate. "Sounds just like Karl Marx," Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) argued. "A century of history has shown where that path leads. We all embrace equal opportunity, but government-enforced equality of outcomes is Marxist," she insists. Congressman and former Navy SEAL Dan Crenshaw agreed, warning that this was "the false promise of the Left in one minute... They leave out the part where equity must be enforced with unequal -- and tyrannical -- treatment."

For Joe Biden, who's been trying to tamp down concerns about Senator Bernie Sanders's (I-Vt.) influence on his campaign, this latest post is a disaster. In a townhall last week, even NBC allowed the former vice president to be asked about the Democrats' push for socialism. "Do I look like a socialist?" Biden fired back. "Look, I'm the guy that ran against the socialist," he argued -- without acknowledging the very uncomfortable reality that his own platform was co-written by Sanders and included the most radical policies ever embraced by a modern party. He, like the rest of Democratic headquarters, is obviously praying no one reads it.

Even Harris's smile faded when "60 Minutes" anchor Norah O'Donnell reminded her, "You're considered the most liberal United States senator." Harris shrugged, suggesting that Mike Pence had made up that label at the debate stage. To her credit, O'Donnell pushed back. "Well, actually," she said, through Harris's nervous laughter, "the nonpartisan GovTrack has rated you as the most liberal senator. You supported the Green New Deal. You supported Medicare for All. You've supported legalizing marijuana." As Brad Polumbo points out on NRO, "Whether she embraces the label "socialist" or not, Harris's stated agenda and Senate record both reveal her to be positioned a long way to the Left on matters of economic policy." And if Joe Biden is elected, she is one step away from running the country -- and it's a smaller step than people want to believe.

As Donald Trump said in the final debate, it isn't just Harris pushing these agendas. Joe Biden has moved so far to the Left that he might as well be in another zip code from the Obama years. "He wants socialized medicine," the president warned. And it doesn't matter if he says it or not. "His vice president... wants it even more. Bernie Sanders wants it. The Democrats want it. You're going to have socialized medicine." Don't trust what he says, Trump warned. Trust his platform. Trust his running mate's voting record. Neither of them, I guarantee, will strike you as funny.

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