October 5, 2020
Tweetstorm Floods Voters with Contrast

Tweetstorm Floods Voters with Contrast

Tony Perkins

President Trump may have been taking a break from the White House, but he hasn't taken a break from his Twitter account! The world's most famous coronavirus patient didn't appear to slow down during his trip to Walter Reed Medical Center. In between treatments and other business, he managed to squeeze in a tweetstorm about what's at stake November 3rd.

"BIGGEST TAX CUT EVER, AND ANOTHER ONE COMING. VOTE!," "RELIGIOUS LIBERTY. VOTE!," "LAW & ORDER. VOTE!," "STRONGEST EVER MILITARY. VOTE!" the posts read, one right after another. "PRO-LIFE! VOTE!," "FIGHT THE CORRUPT NEWS MEDIA! VOTE!, "SAVE OUR SECOND AMENDMENT. VOTE!" Whether intended or not, the president's feed was the perfect summary of the choices facing America. At one point, he even tweeted about that, writing, "IF YOU WANT A MASSIVE TAX INCREASE, THE BIGGEST IN THE HISTORY OF OUR COUNTRY (AND ONE THAT WILL SHUT OUR ECONOMY AND JOBS DOWN), VOTE DEMOCRAT!!!"

President Trump is making an important point. This is an election about issues, and there's a huge difference in how our political parties approach the policies and challenges facing America. If Joe Biden unleashed a similar series of tweets, what would they say? "FREE ABORTIONS FOR EVERYONE! VOTE." "FAN THE FLAMES OF LAWLESSNESS! VOTE." "SILENCE CHRISTIANS FROM LIVING OUT THEIR BELIEFS! VOTE." "APPOINT RADICAL JUDICIAL ACTIVISTS WHO DON'T ABIDE BY THE CONSTITUTION! VOTE."

If you're looking for contrast, this election has it. Here at FRC and FRC Action, we've taken a deep dive into the parties' platforms, so we know what they stand for. Do you? Find out in this brand new video.