October 1, 2020
Minnesota Spikings in Voter Fraud

Minnesota Spikings in Voter Fraud

Tony Perkins

Joe Biden and the rest of the Left want you to think there's no such thing as ballot fraud. It's just not happening, the Democratic nominee tried to insist at Tuesday night's debate. At the same time, millions of Americans were seeing just the opposite -- explosive videos showing one Minneapolis man up to his dashboard in ballots and another paying in cash for more. And who does Project Veritas believe they're connected to? Democratic extremist Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minn.)

"One of the things you hear," James O'Keefe said on "Washington Watch," "is that there's no evidence of voter fraud. It's not substantiated -- or when it is substantiated, it's not systemic. Well, this video is all three. It's hard evidence because the guy is not just talking about doing it. He's doing it." At more than 15 million views, it's the most viral video on the internet. And it's no wonder. The tape catches Libon Mohammed, who's connected with Ilhan Omar, "with ballots all over his lap, the windowsill, his car. He says, 'I'm hustling at 2:00 in the morning.' He's holding a stack of ballots, many of them blank. So this is a state crime. This is a federal crime."

Just as disturbing, the undercover journalists caught something else: a man paying hundreds of dollars for ballots. In certain communities, James said, "the sources are on tape saying that they take the ballots away from the elderly...and they fill them out. And many times they exchange cash. We've seen two hundred dollars exchanged on the tape... And we've seen eight hundred dollars be paid for per vote... [A]ll of this stuff is on tape and it is systemic. It's hundreds, thousands of ballots."

For now, at least, the Minneapolis police department has said they're "looking into" the allegations, which is significant because it helps debunk the media's story that voter fraud is a myth, a lie conjured up by desperate Republicans. If more local authorities start investigating these claims, it starts to chip away the Left's phony narrative. It does happen, and we need every American to be vigilant heading into this election. As I've said before, the fewer people touching your ballot the better. Vote in person, if you can.

At the end of the day, nobody wants it to be hard to vote -- but we do want it to be hard to cheat. "When you do all mail-in voting ballots, you're asking for fraud," President Trump has warned. "People steal them out of mailboxes, people print them, and then they sign them, and they give them in that the people don't even know whether they're double counted. People take them away. They force people to vote. They harvest ... And you know what, we're not going to let it happen because they're subverting our process and they're making our country a joke."