September 17, 2020
Every Life Matters. So Does Every Vote.

Every Life Matters. So Does Every Vote.

By FRC's Dan Hart

"If the right to life can be taken, then no other right matters." As FRC President Tony Perkins said in the introduction to the fourth episode of FRC's Pray Vote Stand 2020 webcast series, this was the guiding principle in Thomas Jefferson's Declaration 244 years ago.

But what has happened in America since then is utterly heartbreaking. As Tony observed, "... a tragic thing has happened. It isn't just those words on the Declaration that have faded, but our collective conscience too." With 60 million (and counting) lives ended in the name of "choice," abortion has become normal, common, and even free.

Perhaps more disturbing is how absurdly extreme Democrats have become regarding the abortion issue. Rep. Debbie Lesko (R-Ariz.) joined the webcast, pointing out how House Republicans have attempted over 100 times to call up a vote to protect the lives of babies born alive after failed abortion attempts, but Democrats have refused to consider even this most basic humane protection. "This is unconscionable," Rep. Lesko said. "I just don't even understand it. Many of my Democratic colleagues join me in Bible studies. It blows my mind." She went on to lay out the stakes for the upcoming election in stark and heartfelt terms: "This election is the most important election in my entire lifetime. It really is about the future of our nation, the future of life, of traditional family values, of law and order ... I'm just in angst because we need to win."

As FRC's Travis Weber discussed, further proof of the Democrat's extreme pro-abortion positions are as plain as day in their own party platform, which is diametrically opposed to the pro-life platform positions of the Republicans. Democrats have indeed moved so far away from moderation on abortion that they are now openly calling for the repeal of the Hyde Amendment, a formerly bipartisan agreement that, for 45 years, has kept taxpayer dollars out of paying for abortions.

But what Democrats don't seem to realize is just how personal the issue of abortion is to millions of Americans. James Robison, Founder and President of LIFE Outreach International, closed the webcast with a deeply personal message about how even the most unplanned for and unwanted lives have real purpose: "Every life matters to God. Every life should matter to every one of us."

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