September 14, 2020
A Victory for Truth: Transgender Study Corrected

A Victory for Truth: Transgender Study Corrected

The human race is divided into two sexes, male and female. This basic scientific truth has been under increasing attack. Anyone who dares express belief in this obvious truth quickly becomes the target of "cancel culture." Even those who are liberal in their political views, like Women's Liberation Front or cultural icons like J.K. Rowling are not safe from attack. Fortunately, science is once again on our side!

In a victory for truth, the American Journal of Psychiatry has, after pressure, issued a correction to a study it published almost a year ago. The original conclusion from the study, which analyzed the records of 9.7 million Swedes, was that "gender-affirming" surgery improved the mental health of those with gender dysphoria. Numerous letters were sent to the editor of the journal by scholars calling the study and its methodology into question. This ultimately led to a reanalysis and formal correction being published by the journal, saying that the study in fact does not show that surgery improves mental health outcomes.

Not only is this a victory for truth, but it's a victory for those who have lived the nightmare of gender dysphoria and embraced a gender not their own via hormones and/or surgery, only to find that it was a tragic mistake. Walt Heyer, Sydney Wright, "Nathaniel," and many others who call themselves "de-transitioners" have been sounding the alarm of the dangers of surgery. This retraction gives more scientific weight to their personal stories of being restored to wholeness after going down a dark and destructive path.

Walt Heyer, who underwent surgical alteration and lived as a woman for a number of years, now runs a ministry where he helps others who regret their transition. He recounts how he was initially relieved after having surgery, believing that surgery would be the answer, but this was only temporary.

Sydney Wright is a young woman who believed the lies she saw on social media about "transgender men's success stories." Even though she sought out balanced research, she could find none. Her story makes the American Journal of Psychiatry's correction all the more important. She went down the path of "transition" only to end up in more distress than when she started.

James Shupe, who was the first legally recognized "non-binary" person in America, considers himself one of the lucky ones. Despite his six years of identifying as other than male, he didn't undergo surgery. Yet, he still has emotional and psychological scars as well as medical issues related to his extensive use of hormones.

FRC will continue to stand for the truth of human sexuality not only because it is truth, but because of our compassion for people like Walt, James, and Sydney, and our desire to see them walking in their God-given purpose and identity.

This is why we support two pieces of legislation authored by Rep. Doug LaMalfa (R-Calif.). One would completely ban hormone treatments, which have been shown to have devastating health effects, or surgery for minors. The other would prevent taxpayer funding of hormone treatments or surgery for adults. Unfortunately, they have little chance at passage in this current Congress.