May 4, 2020
Planned Parenthood's Silver Lining of Death

Planned Parenthood's Silver Lining of Death

Tony Perkins

Staying home is supposed to keep people safe. But for unborn babies, even lockdowns have their risks. Any house can be an abortion clinic, Planned Parenthood wants people to know. You just have to call for pills.

"It's actually a silver lining in this pandemic," acting CEO Alexis McGill-Johnson insisted to Democracy Now's Amy Goodman. "Planned Parenthood and many other health providers have actually been able to really lean into telehealth infrastructure and provide service." To the country's biggest abortion business, the "silver lining" of the coronavirus is more deaths -- more innocent, unborn, child fatalities made possible by their money-hungry network.

Gleefully, McGill-Johnson goes on to say that by the end of April, Planned Parenthood will have expanded its so-called "telehealth" operations to all 50 states. That means women can access abortions remotely -- chemically-induced procedures that carry significant risks. They tell women that it'll be simple, natural, safe, and private process. They'll recover in a day, maybe two. What they don't tell them is that they might deliver a tiny, perfectly-formed child. Or that they'll experience labor pains, heavy bleeding, vomiting, or lose consciousness. They don't talk about the depression, anger, anxiety, panic attacks, and substance abuse that follow. Or the weeks to months of recovery time, usually managed alone.

They don't tell them the stories like Solome's. "I had blood all over my legs and went in the tub to wash them. The cramps got so bad I couldn't even move. I couldn't even cry..." she testified to the Congressional Pro-Life Caucus. "I couldn't get to my phone to dial 911 and go to the emergency room... I haven't really healed from my experience, and I don't know if I ever will."

Or Elizabeth's. "There was so much pain and blood I thought I might die.' Finally she passed the gestational sac: 'It was transparent yellow, about the size and shape of a tennis ball. When I picked it up, I could see the baby inside. He looked like a little gummy bear. I sat and held him and cried. Then I flushed my baby down the toilet."

Or Tammi's. "It was nothing like they told me... I pushed under I felt something come out and I heard a sound. I looked down and screamed. It was not just a blob of tissue. I had given birth to what looked like a fully-formed, intact 14-week-old fetus covered in blood..."

This is Planned Parenthood's "silver lining:" babies who don't have a chance at life, women who are haunted and harmed.

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