January 27, 2020
Standing Courageous in Carolina

Standing Courageous in Carolina

Tony Perkins

The Stand Courageous team was on the road again over the weekend, partnering with Dr. Pete Kunkle, Senior Pastor, and Men's Ministry Director Roy Jones for the sixth annual Men's Summit at First Christian Church in Kernersville, NC. The church was packed and chairs were brought out to accommodate the crowd of over 750 men, who were challenged with various aspects of the theme: "Restoring Biblical Manhood."

Joining our own General Boykin, Randy Wilson, Men's Ministry Director, Dr. Mark Harris, National Community Impact Team Director, and myself were a couple of North Carolina pastors as well as two state collegiate sports standouts. Pastor Mark kicked off the event Friday night with a message on "How Men Can Make a Difference," urging men to sign up to start a Community Impact Team in their churches with a goal of encouraging voter registration, education and activation. Randy concluded our time Friday evening with his presentation on "Words of Life" and how a man's words, particularly as a husband and father, have a deep and lasting impact on the lives of those God has placed in their care.

On Saturday, Gen. Boykin gave his testimony as well as challenged the men to be defenders and protectors in the home, community, and of our nation. Afterward he issued an invitation to follow Jesus as Savior and Lord and the front was flooded with men, including a number of men from the county correctional institute who came forward for prayer. Bishop Larry Jackson, member of our Stand Courageous team and a North Carolina pastor, called men to be providers, demonstrating sacrificial love to their families and excelling in service "By A Mile" (B.A.M!). Johnny Evans, former NC State standout and NFL player, challenged men to be mentors. Another North Carolina pastor, Bishop Patrick Wooden, challenged men to be the instructors in the home. Afterward, former UNC standout and NBC player Al Wood gave his moving testimony of growing up fatherless but at the lowest point of his life experiencing the love of the Heavenly Father. Next, I challenged the men to become the spiritual leaders, the chaplains of their homes, pointing to the great words of Joshua (chap. 24:14-15) and to the practical application of using our Stand on the Word Bible Reading Plan with their families. During a decision time, an additional number of men indicated their desire to become followers of Christ and commitment to Stand Courageous as biblical men.

Finally, Gen. Boykin concluded the event with a call for men to come forward to receive a "Blessing" by one of the ministers. Again, the front of the church was filled with men, waiting their turn to be prayed over and blessed by the entire Stand Courageous team as well as by ministers of the host church. It was a powerful time, many tears were shed, and hopefully lives were changed!

By the way, our next Stand Courageous Men's Conference is in Pensacola, Florida this weekend. Click here for more info and encourage those you may know who are within driving distance to join us. There's still room but it is filling up fast! Momentum is building and God is moving. Please pray for us as we seek to serve men across the nation. As pastor and best-selling author Stu Weber on our Stand Courageous team often reminds us, "When men get it right, everyone wins."