January 13, 2020
Grand Center Nation

Grand Center Nation

Tony Perkins

Conservatives sometimes feel alone, but a new Gallup poll on the ideological balance of America shows they're anything but! While the liberal media pumps out stories designed to keep us feeling isolated, the reality is, conservatives make up the biggest contingent in the U.S.

America, the survey house declares, "remained Center-Right, Ideologically, in 2019. After calling more than 29,000 adults, researchers were a little surprised to realize that not only was the country conservative, but the number had actually gone up! "The percentage identifying as conservative in 2019 was up two points from the 35 percent measured in 2018, while the percentage liberal was down two points from 26 percent." These numbers, Gallup points out, do happen to be statistically significant -- but will they stay at that level? Only time will tell.

Another interesting point, the report makes, is that while America as a whole is "Center-Right," Republicans as a party are overwhelmingly conservative. That's a major distinction from Democrats, who have a much tighter breakdown philosophically. "Liberals" (49 percent) still make up the bulk, but at 36 percent, "moderates" are a much larger share than the media (or candidates) give them credit for. Republicans, on the other hand, are completely lopsided. Seventy-three percent call themselves "conservative" versus just a 21 percent share of "moderates."

Why does that matter? Well, for starters, it means that the national party is only speaking to half of its base. While the 2020 field drones on about open borders, infanticide, transgenderism, climate change, and so many other wildly extremist agendas, they're only appealing to a narrow segment of voters.

When political strategists and heartland Democrats worry that Trump's challengers have veered too far Left, this poll at least seems to suggest their fears are well-founded. In a party that already has an abortion problem, a socialism problem, a Green New Deal problem -- so much more -- Republicans aren't the only ones looking at this crop of contenders and thinking: Isn't anyone paying attention? Liberalism may be the majority position of candidates, but it's a far cry from the values most Americans hold.