January 7, 2020
Stand Courageous in 2020!

Stand Courageous in 2020!

Tony Perkins

"If families are falling apart, it's because men are suffering. Men are hurting. It's not just that they're walking away from their families. It's that they're not being the fathers they're meant to be." --Lt. General Jerry Boykin (U.S. Army-Ret.)

It's not easy to be a man in today's culture. But no matter where you are in life as a father or grandfather -- whether you're single or married, a son or brother, God has called you to a specific role. And that's tough, especially now, with biblical masculinity under assault. General Boykin and I talked about this not too long ago in a special segment on "Washington Watch." "We've got to be countercultural," the former commander of the Army's Delta Force told me. Which is why FRC decided to host a series of Stand Courageous conferences in cities across America with, as the general calls it, "real men talking to real men."

"In the time when I was growing up, when you said the word 'man,' it had meaning. You knew what people meant. And men came out of the womb designed to be warriors. I'm not talking about going out with baseball bats and AR-15s. But I'm talking about having a cause. As a warrior, you have a cause that you're willing to sacrifice for. You may even have to die for. [Now], where we're challenging men most is spiritually."

At our Ohio event in November, we watched fathers and sons come forward together -- some crying, some accepting Christ for the first time, some asking for prayer, others rededicating their lives. All of them ready to become warriors again. "Our adversary is like a roaring lion, seeking whom he might devour. It's very clear," General Boykin explained, "that we're in a spiritual battle when we come into a relationship with Jesus Christ, where our spiritual battle. And you better learn how to put that armor on. You better learn how to stand in the battle, stand toe to toe with the enemy."

This week, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, you can join General Boykin and myself in doing exactly that. In this Friday night and Saturday gathering, you'll hear from local pastors Mark Stermer, and David Goza, along with former Promise Keepers speaker Bishop Larry Jackson in the main sessions. Each will cover one of the five principles of man from General Boykin's book, Man to Man: Protector, Provider, Instructor, Battle Buddy, and Chaplain. The breakout sessions, led by Jay Riemersma, Mark Harris, and Randy Wilson, are designed to bring you encouragement for your walk at home, in the church, and your community. All these men have stories, scars, and history to share regarding the strength and the critical roles we play as men.

Registration is $25, and lunch will be provided. Click over to the website to see the full schedule of events and conferences near you. If you can't make it to Louisiana, sign up for another date. You can't afford to miss it!