September 16, 2019
Over Their Dead Bodies

Over Their Dead Bodies

Tony Perkins

He was an "aberration," they said. An outlier. When Pennsylvania officials raided Kermit Gosnell's dirty, cat-infested, third-world excuse for an "abortion clinic," liberals insisted he was an isolated case. They said it again when Douglas Karpen's staff explained how he twisted off the heads of large babies. And they'll say it again when reporters ask about Dr. Ulrich Klopfer, who drove the corpses of thousands of his victims to his home -- some 100 miles away -- to apparently keep as trophies of his killing.

The family of Ulrich Klopfer knew about his abortion business. What they didn't know is that he was living in a makeshift graveyard, brimming with 2,246 baby bodies and pieces of bodies -- the grisly keepsakes of the doctor's 40 years of carnage. Moving in horror throughout the property, the family uncovered one gory secret after another -- eventually calling the coroner's office for help removing the evidence of his sick fixation.

Of course, controversy was nothing new for Klopfer, who died September 3rd after years of scandal rocked his business and eventually cost him his license. Three years ago, after hours of chilling testimony and "thousands of exhibits," the Indiana Medical Licensing Board found him guilty of multiple charges. Considered Indiana's "most prolific abortion doctor in history," witnesses told chilling stories about a man who refused to sedate his patients, hired unqualified staff, used "rundown" equipment, falsified documents, failed to get proper consent, and about 1,830 other violations listed in the formal complaint.

"He spoke of a 10-year-old girl raped by her uncle who he performed an abortion on in an Illinois hospital but didn't notify police about the child abuse. Instead, he let her go home with her parents," wrote one reporter. "He didn't give pain medication to all women," the board discovered, "only those under 16 and those who could pay extra. And when he did sedate women, he didn't follow best practices for administration of the drugs and emergency procedures." It was a theme people close to the investigation would hear a lot -- a callous and unaffected man who was "essentially using the same abortion and sedation procedures from the 1970s and 1980s." He was, as one board member put it, "professionally incompetent."

Now, with this diabolical bombshell -- that Klopfer kept a gory stockpile of decomposing babies -- the Left is back in the familiar position of trying to distance themselves from the real evil lurking behind the abortion industry's spa robes and hot tea. The world has seen the videos. They've read the grand jury reports. They hear the nonchalance in courtroom testimonies describing the market for beating baby hearts. Liberals fan the fears that pro-lifers are sentencing America to back-alley abortions. Well, I've got news for them -- we're already there. And an entire political party is fighting to keep it that way.

If you're wondering where the extremism of the 2020 Democrats lead, you're looking at it. While candidates like Pete Buttigieg complain about the assault on "women's rights," men like Klopfer are operating butcher shops right under his nose. As the Free Beacon pointed out just last month, Mayor Pete has been one of these deficient doctors' best allies. When the Indiana State Department refused to give one of the town's other clinics, Whole Women's Health of South Bend, a license because it lacked "reputable and responsible character," this candidate for president defended them. Actions that suggest, as far as he's concerned, it's better to jeopardize the health of a mother than put the barest of safety requirements on a dangerous clinic.

And he's not alone. Five U.S. senators and candidates for president signed their names to a Supreme Court brief that would give villains like Klopfer a free pass. Five candidates who think disgusting conditions like bloody suction machines, expired medicine, and rat-infested exam rooms are just fine for America's mothers. And we certainly don't have to guess where the other 15 stand in a field defined by their fight for legal infanticide and taxpayer-funded, late-term abortion.

When Republicans asked their Democratic colleagues if they could work together to crack down on these unregulated barbarians, Democrats said no. So, they can wrap their agenda in all the euphemisms they want -- "choice," "women's bodies," and "reproductive rights" -- but at the end of the day, their abortion platform is rooted in the same deadly disregard for humanity as Klopfer's.