October 22, 2018
Circleville Helps Shape Our Ohio Tour

Circleville Helps Shape Our Ohio Tour

The Values Bus might have actually passed more pumpkins this weekend than mile-markers! During our busy weekend through Ohio, I had a chance to join our team (and about 100,000 other people) for the famous Circleville Pumpkin Show. On Saturday alone, our team managed to hand out more than 3,000 voter guides in Buckeye country, before another first: joining a pumpkin show parade.

Our crew rode on a special "Pray, Vote, Stand" float all through Circleville, at one point chanting "U-S-A" with a group of teenage boys running alongside us. On Sunday, we made our home at the Faith Life Church, where I preached all three morning services. There, a woman who came out to sign the bus broke down in tears, telling our staff that she now felt called to pray for our country. It was a powerful moment that solidified to everyone why we were traveling the country in the first place.

The crew ended its day at the Victory in Truth Ministries rally with FRC's Pastor J.C. Church, John Husted -- the Republican nominee for lieutenant governor in Ohio, and me. This morning, before catching a flight back to D.C., I was asked to speak at the chapel service of Ohio Christian University, where students seemed genuinely interested in making a difference for our country.

Out in California, the West Coast bus spent its weekend at the Huntington Beach Air Show. Unlike previous stops, this one brought some opposition. A few people made a point of dropping by to debate and discuss their viewpoints. Others weren't so civil, cursing at three of the FRC Action staffers at the table. But interestingly, God even used that man's profanity to bring others together. A worker just down the road came over to tell our team that if another person came over and behaved in such a way, he would personally deal with them. Fortunately, he didn't need to -- since no one else was so aggressive.

The more states we cross, the more obvious it is that God is at work. If you have a chance to visit the bus or meet us at an event, please do! You can check out the website for stops near you. If we aren't driving through your area, that doesn't mean you can't be a part of what we're doing. Sign the pledge to Pray, Vote, and Stand!