September 24, 2018
For the Sake of America: Pray, Vote, Stand

For the Sake of America: Pray, Vote, Stand

It's no grand revelation that our nation is divided. With each election, Americans are faced with the choice of who we will be and what our children will become. The polls, as well as our own encounters in daily life, show this to be true. We're divided not so much by ethnic, economic, or educational factors as we are by worldview; the lenses through which we see and understand the world around us.

Followers of Jesus hold to a biblical worldview that stands in sharp contrast to the world's way of believing and acting. Believers in Christ are called to unity with each other but believing and living according to the truth of God's word will often necessarily leave us at odds with those who don't hold to biblical principles.

So, what should be our course of action? I think one simple approach could go a long way toward making a difference for our country for all people today and for those generations to come. This past weekend at the Values Voter Summit, I asked attendees if they would join me in making this pledge:

For the sake of America, I pledge to pray, to vote, and to stand for my biblical values.

I am convinced that if Americans faithfully enact this simple pledge, our country can be transformed in a powerful way. Surely, for the sake of America (and the rest of the world that is impacted by the choices of this nation at this point in the history of the world), we must pray! But prayer is the beginning, not the end. We must vote. We must vote fully informed and engaged in determining who will lead our nation and the policies that they will pursue. And we must stand. We must stand for the truth of God's word in every realm of society, "in season and out of season" (2 Timothy 4:2).

During his speech at Values Voter Summit, Vice President Mike Pence echoed these principles:

If you haven't already, please join believers across the country in taking the pledge to: 1) Pray 2) Vote and 3) Stand.

Beginning this week and ending Saturday, November 10, there will be seven weeks of focused prayer for the Family, Church, Businesses, Education, Entertainment, Media, and Government. Each week, a prayer guide with Scripture references will be provided for those who take the pledge (the first week's guide can be found here). Please join me in taking these simple steps that can have a profound impact on our nation and its people.