July 20, 2018
Planned Parenthood Takes a Quantum Bleep

Planned Parenthood Takes a Quantum Bleep

New York City has more sex than anyone else in America, says Planned Parenthood. And apparently, they think that's something to be proud of. So proud, in fact, that the nation's biggest abortion business is celebrating the Big Apple's record promiscuity with a new ad campaign. There's just one problem: it's too obscene to post.

The "Protect Our Freedom to F***" video was meant to shock -- and based on the reaction of most Americans, it succeeded. When a group that claims to care about STDs, women's health, and unplanned pregnancies unleashes a video that encourages viewers to "F*** New York and everyone in it," it's no wonder people are appalled. After all, this is an organization that rakes in a half-billion taxpayer dollars a year pretending to take a pandemic of sexually transmitted diseases seriously. Now, the group that hundreds of U.S. schools entrust with their sex ed is showing just how little it cares about keeping kids safe!

CNS News's Craig Bannister watched the ad, which is making the rounds on social media, and counted 20 f-bombs in 45 seconds, a new low for any organization -- let alone an official partner of the American government. The ad's creator doesn't seem to care about the fuss -- or the terrible message of the campaign, explaining that Planned Parenthood "wanted to be celebratory in the face of massive opposition, rather than plead their case in a typical PSA campaign." But, as most pro-lifers will tell you, there's nothing to celebrate about promiscuity in a city where more African-American babies are aborted every year than born.

But then, the bottom line has always been the bottom line for Planned Parenthood. If they can persuade more people to have sex, then that's just a down payment on future business. They don't care about the lives they're jeopardizing along the way, even in a city whose STD rates climbed by the double digits in a single year. It says a lot about where an organization's values are that a slogan Americans can't even read on TV is being passed off as a legitimate response to the crisis we face.

As offended as you are by the language, I think we should all be more offended that our tax dollars are paying for it! If Planned Parenthood wants to put its perverse vulgarity on display, that's their right. But they shouldn't have a right to make Americans foot the bill for it. As Terry Jeffrey told me on yesterday's "Washington Watch," this ought to be the last straw for Congress. Men and women on both sides of the aisle should be lining up to pull the financial rug out from Planned Parenthood after this stunt. "Before they can attack our [values] more, let's take away their taxpayer money to do it." Contact your House and Senate leaders and tell them to protect your freedom -- in bucks!