FRC in the Spotlight

September 27, 2017 - Wednesday

FRC in the Spotlight

On Tuesday night, our own Travis Weber, Director of FRC's Center for Religious Liberty, ventured down to New Orleans to speak at the annual conference of the Institute for Faith and the Public Square -- an institute affiliated with the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and devoted to exploring the intersection of faith and politics. This year's topic was a panel discussion with different points of view on "Rights and Sexuality: Where Individual Freedoms and Civil Rights Meet," and Travis had much to say about the issue, religious liberty being the focus of his work. His presentation centered on the legal collision between religious freedom and the LGBT legal agenda, and how this collision is reflected in the broader culture. Travis covered all the entities and individuals whose religious liberty is being threatened in the post-Obergefell era. Needless to say, his presentation covered a lot. You can watch the event online once it is posted.

Yesterday, FRC's Arina Grossu also spoke at the D.C. 40 Days for Life vigil in front of the D.C. Planned Parenthood. This year 40 Days is celebrating its 10th anniversary and the results speak for themselves: 40 Days campaigns have taken place in 715 cities and 44 countries around the world with 750,000 individual participants and 19,000 churches participating. Not only have over 13,000 babies been saved from abortion, but 154 abortion workers quit their jobs, and 86 abortion facilities have closed.

40 Days for Life encourages praying and fasting, keeping a prayerful vigil outside of abortion facilities, and doing community outreach. From today until November 5, 2017, all are invited to get involved in local efforts by visiting Each of us can be a witness by our peaceful and prayerful presence and we can help save the lives of mothers and children from the tragedy of abortion.

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