May 11, 2016
All Rhodes Lead to Iran

All Rhodes Lead to Iran

American voters didn't elect Ben Rhodes to the White House, but he's certainly been empowered like it. In an eye-opening exposé for the New York Times, reporters dig deeper into the president's startlingly young and inexperienced foreign policy advisor, who had more influence over America's worst foreign policy deal than anyone. Among the many stunning revelations, Rhodes openly admits that the administration used deception to sell the Iran deal to U.S. leaders.

And while Obama's dishonesty isn't surprising, Rhodes's blunt admission about it is. He brags that the administration was not only deceiving the American public, but the press corps and manufacturing experts. While the White House denied it to the media, staffers were, in fact, holding secret talks with Iran -- with the goal to get the U.S. out of the Middle East completely. "The Orwellian public relations strategy utilized so-called arms-control experts who were spoonfed tidbits that validated White House claims and those materials were in turn disseminated to 'hundreds of often-clueless reporters,'" the Times writes. The 38-year-old, considered a "co-president" on the most dangerous deal America has ever entered into, intentionally cut Israel out of the initiative in the hopes of empowering its -- and the West's -- most deadly foe.

Ironically, Rhodes himself is the epitome of "junior varsity," having almost zero real-world experience that this level of decision-making usually requires -- like military or diplomatic service, or even a master's degree in international relations," Breitbart points out. Yet this under-40 liberal was at the controls of a deal that puts millions of Americans at risk.

Yesterday, former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who served on the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence when she was in the House, expressed her disgust on "Washington Watch." "[The Iranian deal] is probably the most foolish, really the most tragic decision I've ever seen. They wouldn't even allow their hand-picked defense cabinet members or Pentagon members or State members to get involved in this decision. Only President Obama and his aide made this decision made on their preconceived and tragically flawed ideal... This aide has zero foreign policy background, was a poor student, a pot smoker, and a drinker who wrote fiction."

Turns out, his experience in fiction was handy in selling lies to the media. Described as a "ventriloquist" who controlled the press, Rhodes may now be the author of "the consolidation of hard-liner power in Iran; the collapse of the ban on Iran's testing of ballistic missiles; the collapse of the arms control regimes preventing Iran from buying heavy weapons and missiles from Russia; Iran's staging of multiple new ballistic missile tests. "Should Congress do something?" Michele said. "You bet. There should be impeachment proceedings brought up against all sorts of people in the administration. Certainly the president should be subject to impeachment."