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FRC Action Announces Opposition to Candidates Who Undermine Marriage and Religious Freedom

FRC Action PAC Endorses Against GOP Rep. Peter Meijer for His Vote

WASHINGTON, D.C. – FRC Action, the legislative affiliate of Family Research Council, announced today it will support challengers to Members of Congress who voted in favor on the so-called Respect for Marriage Act.

The legislation voted on in the Nancy Pelosi-led US House, and being considered in the Chuck Schumer-led US Senate, is more appropriately called the “Disrespect for Marriage & Religious Freedom Act.” It disregards the needs of children, paves the way for an acceleration of hostility toward religious Americans, disrespects the institution of marriage, and forces the federal government to accept any definition of marriage that any state may adopt -- including polyamorous marriages. The legislation also repeals the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) which was signed into law in 1996 with a strong bipartisan majority. Its repeal would undermine religious liberty in key ways and cast doubt on the tax exemption of religious schools and nonprofit organizations.

Last week, 47 House Republicans voted to codify into law what the GOP platform states Republicans would not accept from an activist Court. As a result, FRC Action PAC, the Political Action Committee connected to FRC Action, is announcing it will endorse conservative challengers to those incumbents.  The first endorsement to be announced is John Gibbs in Michigan’s 3rd Congressional Primary. Gibbs is challenging incumbent Republican Peter Meijer who voted in favor of the (Dis)Respect for Marriage Act. FRC Action PAC will work to oppose other US House and US Senate candidates who vote to undermine marriage, family, and religious freedom.

FRC Action President Tony Perkins made the following comments:

“Conservative challengers, who support the GOP platform on life, marriage and religious freedom, who are primarying Members of Congress who voted against natural marriage and religious freedom, will have the support of FRC Action.  Additionally, we will actively work to help them gain the support of other pro-family, pro-religious freedom organizations.   

“The so-called Respect for Marriage Act undermines fundamentally important principles on marriage, family, and religious liberty. We draw the line here. These bedrock principles about the true meaning of marriage are not negotiable.  Marriage and religious freedom are red lines.

“We all recall when President Obama’s solicitor general said at oral arguments in Obergefell that it was ‘certainly going to be an issue’ if religious schools wanted to retain their tax-exempt status after that ruling. If Congress passes the (Dis)Respect for Marriage Act, it will only intensify the effort to marginalize, silence and eliminate. Whether the 47 GOP members recognize it or not, they cast a vote against religious freedom in America. We will not be supporting anyone to hold public office who supports legislation that undermines natural marriage and religious freedom.

“FRC Action and FRC Action PAC will actively work to hold both Democrat and Republican lawmakers accountable if they vote to undermine these critical ideals,” Perkins concluded.