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Congress may have bought itself another week to deal with the basket of spending bills, but what are the odds they can actually finish them? Hill watchers have their doubts, since it's been more than 20 years since both sides of the Capitol actually passed the 12 agency budgets the way the Founders intended. Apart from the ticking clock, there's also the concern that flashpoints like the border and abortion may still tank the bills in the end. It's all led leaders to float an idea that seemed improbable a month ago: a year-long continuing resolution (CR).

Since the beginning of the border crisis in which millions of illegal immigrants have flooded into the country, American citizens have been affected in various ways, most notably by the spike in crime. Experts are also pointing to how illegal immigration is affecting the education system, as Meg Kilgannon, senior fellow for Education Studies at Family Research Council, explained on Thursday's episode of "Washington Watch with Tony Perkins."

A California school district's parental notification policy won a preliminary victory in a California state court, when a Riverside County Superior Court judge declined to issue a preliminary injunction against it in a February 23 ruling (Mae M. v. Komrosky). The judge also declined to block a resolution that prohibited the teaching of certain concepts related to critical race theory (CRT). "This is a temporary victory not only for TVUSD, but for other school districts across our state and country who are thinking about banning CRT and standing for the rights of parents," Dr. Joseph Komrosky, president of the Temecula Valley School Board, told The Washington Stand.

Young people are having less sex now that the Roe v. Wade decision was overturned, a recent study by Match Group suggests. The report surveyed more than 5,000 individuals under 50 and found that one in 10 were choosing not to engage in sexual activity due to Roe.

On Thursday, Missouri's attorney general filed a lawsuit against Planned Parenthood for allegedly trafficking minors out of state to obtain abortions without parental consent, in violation of state law. The lawsuit demonstrates the latest example of the nation's largest abortion supplier appearing to engage in covering up the sexual abuse of minors, which stretches back to at least 1982.

Last week, Politico National Investigative Correspondent Heidi Przybyla claimed that anyone who believes their rights are derived from God are "Christian nationalists." In response, Family Research Council demanded an apology for making such an ardently false statement.


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