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Gillette Comes within a Whisker of Disaster
"Your stupid boycotts will never make a dent in a company like P&G," one liberal scoffed back in January. Turns out, (read more)
Google's Firing Squad Sacks Conservative
Being a conservative won't just get you censored at Google, it'll get you fired. Just ask Kevin Cernekee. Unlike a lot of (read more)
FRC in the News...
You won't catch the liberal media saying so, but the Trump administration has made incredible strides for the (read more)

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California's AB 493: The Very Definition of Indoctrination
by Matthew Carpenter (August 06, 2019)
The dictionary defines “indoctrination” as “the process of teaching a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically.” The California legislature is considering a piece of legislation that fits that description exactly: AB 493, or the
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