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Family Research Council Action's Tony Perkins to Serve as Delegate to RNC Convention

Charlotte, NC – Family Research Council Action President Tony Perkins is attending the Republican National Convention as a delegate representing his home state of Louisiana. Perkins is also serving as a delegate on the RNC’s Committee on Credentials.   In 2016, he served as a member of the RNC platform committee where he helped craft a solidly conservative platform that has shaped and directed the party’s work over the last four years.   The convention is poised to readopt this platform that is clearer and more compelling than any in party history on life, marriage, and religious liberty.

Family Research Council Action President Tony Perkins, a Louisiana delegate to the RNC Convention, made the following comments:

“The differences between the two parties' platforms couldn't be starker -- just like the choice for president in 2020 is turning out to be.

“The Democratic party platform adopted last week reveals a progressive policy agenda that makes the failed policies of the Obama administration look reasonable.   Democrats call for taxpayer funding of abortion, abortion on demand until birth, and for policies that harshly punish faith-based organizations like the Little Sisters of the Poor. Vice President Biden also introduced his running mate Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) who has voted to leave perfectly healthy newborns on hospital tables to die and who as the attorney general of California went after pro-life activists for exposing Planned Parenthood for illegally selling aborted baby body parts.

“President Trump is right. While the DNC may have included ‘under God’ in prime time, it is what happens behind closed doors – both at their convention and on Capitol Hill that reveals their desire to remove God from America’s public space.

“In stark contrast, President Donald Trump continues to follow through on the promises of the Republican party platform and has achieved an impressive list of accomplishments on life, family, religious freedom and federal judges. However, a Biden/Harris administration could not only undo a lot of the positive accomplishments of the Trump administration, they would unleash the torrent of anti-family, anti-faith, and costly big government policies called for by the DNC platform. Nothing less than the future of faith, family and freedom in America is on the ballot this year,” concluded Perkins.

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