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Grape Waste Leads to Fund Raisin
Who says Christmas only comes once a year? According to Senator James Lankford (R-Okla), taxpayers have been giving all year (read more)
The Darkest of Black Fridays
Planned Parenthood has always been a grim place, but last Friday, its Colorado clinic was the scene of different kind of (read more)
Giving Thanks
Tomorrow many Americans will gather with family and friends around a dinner table that will contain a feast that would have (read more)

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Yes, it�s possible to defund Planned Parenthood with 51 votes
Here is a terrific NRO piece from Marjorie Dannenfelser of the SBA List explaining the serious stakes before the U.S. Senate when it comes to defunding a significant portion of Planned Parenthood’s federal subsidies. Marjorie explains how this can be done on the
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