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Foxx and Friends Debut New Panel
There's plenty of uncertainty about who will be leading the House -- but not quite as much on where they'll lead. One of the (read more)
Army Puts Charles in Discharge
In the Obama military, you can celebrate immorality -- but you can't confront it. That's the lesson the Army is trying to (read more)
Houston Still Has a Problem
Houston Mayor Annise Parker (D) promised not to make homosexuality an issue in her administration. Instead, she's made it (read more)

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Tom Rose's Remarks at Values Voter Summit 2015 Breakout Session
Below are the remarks that Tom Rose delivered during the Values Voter Summit Breakout Session, "Irreconcilable Differences: Can Anything Bridge the Interests of the United States, Israel and Iran?" 74 years ago this morning German military police occupying Kiev, then
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