100 Biden Fails in 100 Days

In his First 100 Days President Joe Biden took many executive actions on life, family and religious freedom. Here are 100 policy fails in Biden’s first 100 Days:

Nominees With Radical Anti-life Anti-family Records

  1. Xavier Becerra, Secretary of Health and Human Services
  2. Rachel Levine, Assistant Secretary for Health at HHS
  3. Kristen Clark, Associate Attorney General - Civil Rights Division
  4. Antony Blinken, Secretary of State
  5. Marcia Fudge, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
  6. Marty Walsh, Secretary of Labor
  7. Shlanda Young, Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget
  8. Vanita Gupta, Associate Attorney General
  9. Wendy Sherman, Deputy Secretary of State
  10. Jennifer Granholm, Secretary of Energy

COVID-19 Relief Bill

  1. The Biden COVID relief bill signed on March 11 includes a total of $459 billion in funding that lacks key pro-life protections:
  2. $380 billion in funds that can pay for abortions directly
  3. $704 million that can pay for abortions overseas
  4. $10 billion that can be used to lobby for abortion abroad
  5. An estimated $81 billion in tax subsidies for health plans that cover abortion
  6. $50 million in Title X funding intended for abortion businesses like Planned Parenthood
  7. $8.7 billion in global health funds that can go to international abortion businesses like Planned Parenthood and Marie Stopes
  8. The Biden COVID bill further lacks: Liability protections for churches that re-open
  9. Biden's COVID bill lacks adequate assistance for private and homeschooling to respond to COVID
  10. Biden's COVID bill lacks an increase in the charitable tax deduction to promote further giving to churches and non-profits

Sexuality Regulations

  1. Issued an executive order directing all agencies to redefine "because of...sex" and specifically noting the desire to obliterate women's privacy in restrooms and locker rooms
  2. Failed to oppose biological males playing female high school and elementary school sports
  3. Issued an executive order undercutting and deprioritizing military readiness, lethality, and cohesion in favor of social engineering
  4. Department of Defense issued a directive to implement social engineering in the military
  5. Supports VAWA which would further traumatize battered women.
  6. Supports biological males using women's bathrooms in schools
  7. Established a White House Gender Policy Council to plan a radical pro-LGBTQ agenda
  8. HUD withdrew the previous administration's proposed rule to help ensure that battered women had safe and private shelters to serve them
  9. Supports the anti-life, anti-family, and anti-freedom Equality Act.
  10. Gratuitously refers to "all genders", not male and female

International Religious Freedom

  1. Has NOT yet nominated an Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom
  2. Limited funds for international faith-based NGO's by allowing funding for abortion providers
  3. Paused funding for a Uyghur cultural preservation project in Central Asia.
  4. Froze aid to addressing inter-religious tensions in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.
  5. Has NOT announced whether the State Department will continue to hold Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom.
  6. Announced State Department will now allow US embassies to fly pride flag.
  7. Has NOT yet appointed an advisor on international religious freedom to the National Security Council.
  8. Taken steps to restore federal funding to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).
  9. Biden's Secretary of State Antony Blinken downplays the importance of international religious freedom as a human right
  10. Rejected $2 million for churches and faith based groups in Nigeria, a country known for religious freedom violations of Christians and Muslims

Domestic Attacks on Religion

  1. Proposed Title X rules violate conscience rights by forcing abortion referrals
  2. Supports the Equality Act which undermines the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.
  3. Supports the Equality Act which would prohibit Christian organizations from only hiring people who agree with biblical values
  4. Supports the Equality Act which could force religious medical professionals to provide sex-change surgeries
  5. Opposes the full enforcement of the Weldon Amendment which protects the conscience rights of doctors
  6. Appointed Xavier Becerra who sued the Little Sisters of the Poor for not providing contraception as HHS Secretary.
  7. Fired Sharon Gustafson from Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
  8. Failed to Support Religious Adoption Agencies' conscience rights in Fulton v. Philadelphia.
  9. Failed to Defend Supreme Court Case regarding Title X rules that allow religious organizations to receive funds.
  10. Scaled back the Trump administration's Faith and Opportunity Initiative to reach out to communities of faith

Election Statements

  1. Issued a statement of support for H.R. 1 which would federalize election laws and remove barriers to voter fraud
  2. Called for the passage of the John Lewis Voting Rights Act which would once again require federal pre-clearance of state election laws
  3. Signed an executive order that further promotes the federal government being involved in the election process
  4. President Biden strongly attacked Georgia's voter integrity law
  5. Repeatedly mischaracterized the Georgia voter integrity law as closing polls at 5:00pm
  6. He claimed the GA law would lead to voter suppression even though the New York Times concluded it could actually increase voter turnout
  7. Directed the Department of Justice to look into an executive response to Georgia's voter integrity law
  8. In his first and only press conference referenced state efforts to pass voter integrity laws as Jim Crow Era laws
  9. Directly called on Major League Baseball to move their All-Star Game out of Atlanta in protest of Georgia's voter integrity law
  10. Supports major corporations moving business practices form states that pass voter integrity laws

Education Action

  1. Signed a $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill that did not provide adequate resources for private religious and homeschools to combat the coronavirus pandemic.
  2. Failed to deliver on his campaign promise to re-open schools.
  3. Allowed COVID funding for schools that have remained closed
  4. Appointed Miguel Cardona who supports transgender participation in girls sports as Secretary of Education
  5. Signed an Executive Order paving the way for biological men to play women's sports
  6. Signed an Executive Order paving the way for biological men to use women's bathrooms
  7. Failed to support the Opportunity Scholarship Program, the only federally funded school choice program
  8. Supports the Equality Act which would prevent Catholic schools from hiring people who live in accordance with Catholic teaching
  9. Supports limiting federal funding if a religious school has a biblical view of sexuality and marriage
  10. Appointed Cindy Marten to be Deputy Education Secretary, who is known for promoting the LGBT agenda over academic achievement

Public Statements and Press Conferences

  1. Biden statement on the Introduction of the Equality Act supported this anti-family legislation
  2. Biden and Harris statement on Roe v. Wade decision praised the decision
  3. Tweeted supporting codifying Roe v. Wade
  4. Biden said "nothing has changed" at the border since the Trump administration.
  5. Biden called Vice President Kamala Harris "President Harris" in an interview.
  6. Biden called for creating "maternity flight suits" as a way to advance women.
  7. President Biden called the Pentagon chief "My--the guy who runs that outfit over there."
  8. President Biden said "You've got a Japanese boy coming over here, and guess what? He won the Masters"
  9. Press Secretary Jen Psaki claimed that girls competing against biological men in sports for scholarships shouldn't worry because of "trans rights"
  10. When asked about Biden's position on the Hyde amendment his press secretary responded "I will take the opportunity to remind all of you he is a devout Catholic and someone who attends church regularly"

Attacks on Women

  1. FDA will not enforce the regulations surrounding the chemical abortion regimen
  2. Removing the chemical abortion regulations puts women at risk of life-threatening complications
  3. Removing the chemical abortion regulations makes women their own abortionists
  4. Removing the chemical abortion regulations forces women without medical training to evaluate their pregnancy
  5. Removing the chemical abortion regulations put women at risk of sterility
  6. Supported the ERA which mandates abortion funding
  7. Repealing PLGHA ignored the will and needs of African women
  8. Repealed PLGHA which had the support of 75% of Americans
  9. Proposed Title X rules offer fewer health options for women
  10. Committed to codifying Roe v. Wade

Attacks on the Unborn

  1. Forced American taxpayers to fund abortion industries overseas
  2. Supports repealing Hyde, which saved 2.4 million unborn babies' lives
  3. Supports distributing the abortion pill through the mail
  4. Appointed only pro-abortion cabinet members.
  5. Supported C. funding elective abortion
  6. Proposed Title X rules funding Planned Parenthood
  7. Repealed ban on research using tissue from aborted babies
  8. Failed to Support the Born-Alive Survivors Protection Act
  9. Rejoined the pro-abortion World Health Organization
  10. Issued an Executive Order on Reproductive Health outlining his pro-abortion agenda