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40 total executive orders, and 62 total executive actions (including executive orders, memoranda, and other actions) as of 4/21/21

In his inaugural address on January 20, 2021, President Joe Biden made a firm commitment for unity: “Today, on this January day, my whole soul is in this: Bringing America together. Uniting our people. And Uniting our Nation.” These words, while comforting, now appear to be nothing but a hollow promise, as Biden’s first 100 days in office have been marked with actions that have further divided our nation, especially when it comes to the issue of life, family, and religious freedom. His administration has moved more aggressively than any other presidential administration to undue federal pro-life policies and promote abortion. In less than four months, the Biden administration has repealed the Mexico City Policy, a ban on aborted fetal tissue research, and enforcement of key health and safety restrictions for chemical abortion. Likewise, his administration has worked overtime to dismantle the biological realities of men and women in federal policy and promote the LGBT agenda, far beyond even what President Obama did. President Biden may have preached a message of unity on his first day in office, but nearly every action since has been one that attacks the fundamental aspects of life that hold our nation together.


  • On January 20, President Biden sent a letter to António Guterres, the secretary-general of the UN. The U.S. moved to rejoin the World Health Organization (WHO) despite its inadequate COVID-19 response and its proactive advocacy for expanding abortion during the pandemic.
  • On January 22, President Biden and Vice President Harris issued a statement on the 48th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Describing the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision as a “foundational precedent” to which all judicial nominees should commit, the president and vice president called for Roe’s codification. This statement is a far cry from the pro-life executive orders from the Trump administration’s early days in office.
  • On January 28, President Biden issued an executive order on “Protecting Women’s Health at Home and Abroad.” This order:
    • Repealed the Trump administration’s Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance Policy (PLGHA), which prohibited global health funds from going to foreign non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that perform or promote abortion.
    • Withdrew from the U.S.-led Geneva Consensus Declaration, a 34-country agreement that declared abortion is not an international human right and should never be promoted as a method of family planning.
    • Took steps to resume funding of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), which continues to partner with China despite the country’s coercive abortion and sterilization practices.
    • Ordered a review of the Trump administration’s Protect Life Rule that governed Title X family planning funding.
  • On March 11, President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan Act (H.R. 1319), a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package that has more to do with funding abortion than providing important relief to the American people. This bill lacks key abortion funding restrictions on over $459 billion, breaking decades of congressional precedent on restricting federal funding for abortion.
  • On March 17, the White House issued a statement in support of the House resolution to remove the ratification deadline for the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). The statement said the ERA is necessary to ensure that no one’s rights are denied on the account of their sex. In reality, the ERA would do little to advance women in society. Instead, it would mandate federal funding for abortion and eliminate sex distinctions in the law, thus eliminating the existing legal protections for biological women.
  • On March 18, the Office of Population Affairs at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced the Biden administration’s plan to repeal the Trump-era Protect Life Rule governing Title X by the end of the year. This announcement was in direct response to President Biden’s executive order issued on January 28.
  • On April 13, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced it would not be enforcing longstanding federal regulations that require chemical abortion pills to be dispensed in person. These requirements were put in place to protect women against severe health complications that are known to arise from the use of these drugs. With this announcement, the Biden administration placed a pro-abortion ideology ahead of protecting women’s health.
  • On April 15, HHS followed through with the timeline set up in its March 18 announcement and published a proposed rule to repeal the Protect Life Rule. These rule changes would once again allow Title X family planning grants to go to abortion businesses and require grantees to provide abortion referrals to their patients.
  • On April 16, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced it would repeal the Trump-era policy that heavily restricted taxpayer funding of aborted fetal tissue research. The Trump administration’s policy prohibited the NIH from using aborted fetal tissue in its internal research and required all external research grants using aborted fetal tissue to be approved by an ethics advisory board.
  • On April 20, the White House issued a statement in support of the Washington, D.C. Admission Act (H.R. 51), a bill that would make D.C. the 51st state. This measure is unconstitutional and does not reflect our Founders’ intention for the federal seat of government to be independent of any one state in the Union. Furthermore, D.C.’s admission as a state would nullify congressional control over D.C.’s budget, effectively allowing D.C. to fund elective abortions and expand legal access to recreational marijuana, among other things.

Family and Religious Freedom

  • On January 20, President Biden issued an executive order on “Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation.” This order directed agencies to apply the holding of Bostock v. Clayton County to other areas of law beyond its intended scope of employment discrimination. The order requires federal agencies to interpret federal laws that prohibit sex discrimination (including Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972) as also prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • On January 20, President Biden issued an executive order on “Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government.” This order directs the executive branch to pursue comprehensive policies that elevate the LGBT agenda.
  • On January 25, President Biden issued an executive order on “Enabling All Qualified Americans to Serve Their Country in Uniform.” This order:
    • Revoked President Trump’s memorandum on “Military Service by Transgender Individuals” dated March 23, 2018.
    • Stated that someone’s gender identity should not bar them from military service.
    • Cited the secretary of Defense’s 2016 study concluding “that permitting transgender individuals to serve openly in the military was consistent with military readiness and with strength through diversity.”
    • Established the policy that all transgender individuals who want to serve in the military and “can meet the appropriate standards” should be able to do so openly and free from discrimination.
    • Directed the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to implement this policy.
  • On January 27, President Biden issued a memorandum on “Restoring Trust in Government Through Scientific Integrity and Evidence-Based Policymaking.” This memorandum directed that federal scientific integrity policies “support scientists and researchers of all genders, races, ethnicities, and backgrounds,” even after asserting that federal science policy overall includes only the best peer-reviewed science, free from “improper political interference.”
  • On February 2, President Biden issued a proclamation on American Heart Month. In this statement, Biden referenced “all genders.” However, the proclamation acknowledges that “the symptoms of a heart attack can be different for men and women, an often-overlooked fact that can impact when people seek care.”
  • On February 4, President Biden issued a memorandum on “Advancing the Human Rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex Persons Around the World.” This memorandum “reaffirms and supplements” an Obama administration executive order that sought to ensure “United States diplomacy and foreign assistance promote[s] and protect[s] the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons everywhere.” Through this policy, the United States will push the LGBT agenda around the world. Among other things, this memorandum directs all relevant agencies to:
    • “Ensure appropriate training is in place so that relevant Federal Government personnel and key partners can effectively identify and respond to the particular needs of LGBTQI+ refugees and asylum seekers, including by providing to them adequate assistance and ensuring that the Federal Government takes all appropriate steps, such as potential increased use of Embassy Priority-1 referrals, to identify and expedite resettlement of highly vulnerable persons with urgent protection needs.”
    • “Consider appropriate responses, including using the full range of diplomatic and assistance tools and, as appropriate, financial sanctions, visa restrictions, and other actions” when “foreign governments move to restrict the rights of LGBTQI+ persons or fail to enforce legal protections in place, thereby contributing to a climate of intolerance.”
    • Rescind inconsistent policies and report on progress.
  • On February 4, President Biden issued an executive order on “Rebuilding and Enhancing Programs to Resettle Refugees and Planning for the Impact of Climate Change on Migration.” Section 4 (j) of the order allows for non-married couples to be treated as married for the purposes of the refugee system in certain circumstances.
  • On February 4, President Biden issued a memorandum on “Revitalizing America’s Foreign Policy and National Security Workforce, Institutions, and Partnerships.” Among many other things, this memorandum declared that it is administration policy to “prioritize diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility as a national security imperative, in order to ensure critical perspectives and talents are represented in the national security workforce.” It established an Interagency Working Group on the National Security Workforce to, in part, “strengthen diversity and inclusion by sex, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, disability, and economic, regional, and immigrant backgrounds, including at senior levels.” The memorandum also included a call for recommendations of legislative and executive actions to achieve these goals.
  • On February 14, President Biden issued an executive order on “the Establishment of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.” This order revoked Executive Order 13831, which established a White House Faith and Opportunity Initiative. This Initiative had precipitated various agency actions to preserve religious liberty during the previous administration. Biden’s executive order states that it is important to strengthen the ability of faith-based and other community-serving organizations to deliver services “while preserving our fundamental constitutional commitments guaranteeing the equal protection of the laws and the free exercise of religion and forbidding the establishment of religion.”
    • The accompanying fact sheet says: “The Partnerships Office’s initial work will include collaborating with civil society to: address the COVID-19 pandemic and boost economic recovery; combat systemic racism; increase opportunity and mobility for historically disadvantaged communities; and strengthen pluralism. The office will also support agency partnerships that advance the United States Government’s diplomatic, international development, and humanitarian work around the world. All of this work will be done in ways that respect cherished constitutional guarantees.”
  • On February 23, the U.S. Department of Education (ED) issued a letter withdrawing a Trump administration letter of findings against the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference for violating Title IX by allowing biological males to play sports designated for females. The Biden administration also archived the Trump administration’s helpful January 8 memo regarding the Supreme Court’s Bostock decision and its effect on Title IX.
  • On March 4, President Biden issued a statement on the House passage of the For the People Act (H.R. 1), expressing his support. Among other things, the For the People Act establishes a federal takeover of elections, removes barriers to voter fraud, forces disclosure of certain donor lists, and has a religious test for eligibility to be on a redistricting commission mandated by the bill.
  • On March 8, President Biden issued an executive order on the “Establishment of the White House Gender Policy Council.” This order states that it is the policy of the Biden administration “to establish and pursue a comprehensive approach to ensure that the Federal Government is working to advance equal rights and opportunities, regardless of gender or gender identity, in advancing domestic and foreign policy – including by promoting workplace diversity, fairness, and inclusion across the Federal workforce and military.” The accompanying fact sheet states that the Gender Policy Counsel will “aggressively protect” certain groups, including the LGBT community.
  • On March 8, President Biden issued an executive order on “Guaranteeing an Educational Environment Free from Discrimination on the Basis of Sex, Including Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity.” This order states that “the Secretary of Education, in consultation with the Attorney General, shall review all existing regulations, orders, guidance documents, policies, and any other similar agency actions (collectively, agency actions)” to ensure they line up with the LGBT agenda.
  • On March 8, President Biden issued a statement on the introduction of the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act (VAWA), voicing his support for VAWA’s reauthorization. Unfortunately, the reauthorization includes gender identity language that undermines the intended purpose of VAWA (i.e., increasing access to victim services and improving the criminal justice response to sexual assault, rape, sexual harassment, and other such crimes) and thereby harms the very women it seeks to protect.
  • On March 12, the DoD issued a memorandum responding to the presidential memorandum issued on February 4. The DoD memorandum directed the Pentagon to promote and protect the rights of LGBT individuals in accordance with that presidential memorandum, which will be implemented much more broadly and include promoting the LGBT agenda.
  • On March 17, President Biden issued a statement applauding the passage of VAWA.
  • On March 18, the White House issued a fact sheet on “U.S. Efforts to Combat Systemic Racism.” The fact sheet explains that the Biden administration’s priorities regarding combating racism include supporting individuals facing discrimination on account of gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, race or ethnicity, religion, and national origin, although it does not define what discrimination means. The Biden administration also voiced support for the UN Human Rights Council’s statement outlining “the continuous scourge of racism and racial discrimination, xenophobia, and other forms of intolerance.”
  • On March 26, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) issued a memorandum on the application of Bostock v. Clayton County to Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. This memorandum expanded the scope of Bostock to say that its redefinition of discrimination on the basis of sex to now include sexual orientation and gender identity should apply to Title IX provisions regarding discrimination on the basis of sex.
  • On March 30, the DoD issued updated directives outlining the ability of transgender-identifying individuals and those with gender dysphoria to serve in the military. This policy, which will take effect April 30, 2021, prioritizes social engineering over military readiness, lethality, and unit cohesion.
  • On March 31, President Biden issued a proclamation on Transgender Day of Visibility. This proclamation completely dismissed the science regarding the differences between men and women and the importance of these differences in a multitude of areas, including health care. It also called for the passage of the Equality Act, which is the most anti-life, anti-family, anti-freedom bill ever passed by a chamber of Congress.
  • On April 6, ED’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) announced a comprehensive review of the Department’s regulations implementing Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, as part of implementing President Biden’s March 8 executive order. In a letter to students, educators, and other stakeholders, OCR outlined plans to solicit the public’s input on the regulations, ultimately leading to possible revisions through a notice of proposed rulemaking.

International Religious Freedom

  • On March 22, the U.S. Treasury Department sanctioned two current Chinese government officials in connection with serious human rights abuses against Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang, China.
  • On March 30, Secretary of State Antony Blinken repudiated the findings of the Trump administration’s Commission on Unalienable Rights, which sought to focus America’s attention on the human rights enumerated in America’s founding documents and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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