Urge the IRS to Respect the First Amendment


Contact the IRS today and let them know that the First Amendment should be protected, not trampled by new proposed regulations
February 18, 2014 - Tuesday

The IRS has proposed new regulations to limit the ability of 501c(4) organizations to engage in political activity and grassroots efforts.

Your help is needed today to protect the First Amendment.

Recent revelations of political targeting of conservative groups by IRS officials haven't changed, and the problem is not close to being resolved. The IRS should be focused on getting to the bottom of this political targeting of groups, not proposing new regulations to reign in the people's ability to participate in the democratic process.

New proposed rules would restrict the ability of 501c(4) organizations like FRC Action to engage in what the IRS calls "candidate-related political activities." Currently 501c(4) organizations cannot engage in campaign intervention, but the Obama IRS wants to expand the current definition and go further to restrict voter education and registration efforts. Not only would FRC Action be restricted in helping churches register their members to vote, we would be limited in distributing voter guides that show where the candidates stand on the important issues involving you and your family.

Will you provide public comment to the IRS and let them know that you are opposed to these new restrictive regulations?

Our government, as President Lincoln eloquently stated, is "of the people, by the people, and for the people." The people have the responsibility to hold their elected officials accountable for their actions.

Limiting the ability of Americans to actively participate in the workings of their government and elections is the complete opposite of what the First Amendment safeguards.

The IRS needs to be accountable to "we the people." You can help by providing public comment to the IRS to let them know that these proposed regulations are restrictive and chilling on grassroots citizen groups.

Time is running out. The public comment period ends February 27th. We must work together to ensure that the First Amendment is protected and that people maintain their ability to participate in the political process.

Thank you for your vital work on this issue.

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