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Tell your State Representative, State Senator, Governor Abbott, and Lt. Governor Patrick you support the privacy of every Texan!
March 14, 2017 - Tuesday

SB 6, sponsored by Senator Lois Kolkhorst (R-18), protects the privacy and safety of Texas schoolchildren, guards against unwanted intrusions into the little girls’ restroom, empowers individuals to ensure their privacy and safety are being respected in restrooms and changing rooms, and maintains Texas’ strong business-friendly environment.

Recently, SB 6 passed a crucial hurdle in its journey to become law: it was approved by the Texas Senate in a vote of 21 -10, and soon it will be heard by the Texas House. Speaker Joe Straus has signaled SB 6 is not a priority for him this session, so we need you to contact your State Representative. Tell your State Representative, SB 6 deserves a vote.

Before the Texas legislature debates, and votes, on SB 6 your State Representative needs to hear from you. They need to hear that you support commonsense legislation to ensure women and children are safe in showers, bathrooms, and changing rooms in the state of Texas.

Recent polling indicates that almost 7 in 10 Texas voters, including 56% of Texas Democrats, agree that women and children ought to have their privacy and dignity safeguarded from unwanted intrusions in showers, restrooms and changing rooms, by members of the opposite sex.

We appreciate the bipartisan support for SB 6, and commend the 21 Texas Senators who supported SB 6!

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