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April 03, 2013 - Wednesday

Click here to donateWith the stroke of a pen, the President signed into law perhaps the single most egregious breach of liberty and freedom by the federal government since America's founding.

But this story is not finished.

Democracy has not died in spite of ObamaCare. The people can still speak and act. There is still potential to move the wheels of government in the direction of justice.

This is why I write to you today to help us in our effort to press for the total repeal of ObamaCare among members of Congress.

FRC Action's Strategy

We must keep the pressure on among members of Congress in the days ahead, as we also work to weaken the worst aspects of ObamaCare. This twin strategy--repeal the whole, weaken the worst--is our best chance of restoring the freedoms we've lost, reversing the damage, and sparing millions the sad side effects that will befall them if ObamaCare stands.

The "repeal the whole" track is being spearheaded by a young freshman Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz, whose election FRC Action strongly supported from the very beginning. We have a strong working relationship with Senator Cruz; you may have seen him speak at our Values Voter Summit or heard him on our radio program since his election. One of his commitments from the beginning of his Senate campaign was to push for repeal of ObamaCare.

The bill he has introduced--which would fully repeal the so-called "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act," or ObamaCare--is the fulfillment of this campaign promise. It already has 33 cosponsors. But to pass the Senate, it will require a filibuster-proof, veto-proof majority.

This is why we are asking for your support today--to help us bring maximum influence to bear on wavering Senators. FRC Action will work diligently to keep the pressure on conservative lawmakers, to hold them accountable (as they deal with pressure from liberal lawmakers and lobbyists), and to make sure they never lose sight of the fact that this still matters, and matters deeply, to the American people.

Five Reasons ObamaCare must be reversed, or at least dismantled:

  • It promises to deliver massive tax hikes and shocking cost increases.
  • It is a spider's web of new and burdensome regulations.
  • Some of its mandates force people to violate their own conscience, where they object to paying for certain activities on religious grounds.
  • It will actually diminish, or even eliminate, health care for multitudes.
  • For those who can still get care, it gives a cadre of unelected government officials--presidential appointees--a stranglehold on the question of who gets what kind of care, and when.

The disturbing truth is, ObamaCare is such an economic disaster--for the nation at large but also for individuals and families--that it would need to be repealed even if money were the only issue.

The Internal Revenue Service has now acknowledged the assumption that the least expensive ObamaCare health insurance plan available by 2016 for a family of four will cost $20,000 a year.

But financial issues are not, by far, the only reason this law is destructive.

ObamaCare tramples upon the religious freedom of Americans. It is an open attack on religious liberties. It forces payment for insurance coverage that violates the religious beliefs of many. A Christian business owner, for example, is mandated to provide insurance coverage for contraception, abortion drugs, and sterilization--even if they are morally abhorrent to that business owner.

ObamaCare's Deceiving Opt-Out

Yes, a few weeks ago, under tremendous pressure from conservatives, the federal government made a grand show of offering an "accommodation" to non-profit organizations: They could supposedly opt out of the abortion-drug mandate.

But the revision of the regulation turned out to be smoke and mirrors: a change in the accounting of insurance costs with a third-party go-between doing the dirty work--not a genuine opt-out after all.

Furthermore, even an authentic opt-out for non-profit organizations would do nothing to restore the Bill of Rights for other individuals and groups. The First Amendment guarantees freedom of religion not only to churches; the Founders established this right for every American. Under the ObamaCare mandate, the federal government decides who will be free to exercise their religious values, and who won't.

So for the sake of religious freedom--for the sake of economic survival--for the sake of preserving the America we inherited, to pass liberty on to our children and grandchildren--we must stop the ObamaCare juggernaut.

The next several weeks will be absolutely key to this battle as the federal budget is debated and honed in the halls of Congress. The funding mechanisms for the various octopus arms of ObamaCare will be vulnerable. We can delay implementation of various dangerous components of this law if we can choke off the funding for them.

We Need Your Help Now

The work of FRC Action on Capitol Hill is urgently important over the next 45 days. Please help us by giving generously.

With your help today, we will shine the light of truth and turn up the heat in Washington in the days ahead. We will engage in political guerrilla warfare to stop ObamaCare piece by piece. We will push to gain traction for Senator Cruz's repeal bill. We will do everything we can to keep ObamaCare from seeping irrevocably into the fabric of America. The long-term consequences are too awful--too devastating--for us to do anything but give this our all.

Your generosity will translate directly into strong, effective action in Washington, D.C., and our best opportunity yet to reverse the destructive effects of ObamaCare.

For the sake of our freedom, our families, and our entire nation, I thank you for your dedication to freedom, and I ask for your most generous donation today.

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