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A Christian ministry that supplies Israelis with New Testaments for free has seen a remarkable rise in demand since Hamas's October 7 terror attack that killed approximately 1,200 Israelis and kicked off both new hostilities with the surrounding nations and a global surge of anti-Semitism. "Israel has prided itself in its ability to defend itself, so October 7 was a real blow to that for people," said Aaron Abramson, executive director of Jews for Jesus. "I think that's why a lot of people were starting to sort of dig into those spiritual questions."

There's a growing list of states adopting universal school choice, and Louisiana is the most recent addition. "The LA Gator Program puts parents in the driver's seat and gives every child the opportunity for a great education," said Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry (R). "When parents are committed to the value of their child's education, government should never get in the way." And it seems many of these parents are moving to homeschooling to ensure their children are getting a well-rounded, trustworthy education. This, however, has received pushback.

An amendment to a must-pass bill pending before Congress would force women to register for the military draft - a move opposed by most Americans and two out of three females. The current draft of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) amends the Military Selective Service Act to require women to join men in registering with Selective Service, opening the potential that the government would conscript both sexes in the event of a military draft.

On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un signed a mutual defense pact in Pyongyang, stoking fears that the agreement will lead to escalating aggression against the U.S. and its allies. While uncertainties remain about specifics, the pact states that if one of the two countries is invaded, the other must deploy "all means at its disposal without delay" to provide "military and other assistance." South Korean analyst Cheong Seong Chang stated that the accord is the strongest since the Cold War. "North Korea and Russia have completely restored their Cold War-era military alliance," he asserted.

While Americans focus on November's general election, Hungary is preparing to lead Europe in a more conservative direction. Starting July 1, Hungary will become president of the Council of the European Union, one of the EU's two legislative bodies (alongside the European Parliament) which serves as a check on the executive European Commission. Leadership of the council rotates every six months amongst the EU's 27 member states and Hungary is planning to use its position to make Europe great again.

A New York appellate court decided this week to overrule a lower court's decision and put a proposed amendment enshrining abortion in the Empire State's constitution back on November's ballot. After New York Republicans challenged the proposed amendment, Livingston County Judge Daniel J. Doyle ruled early last month that the state legislature had "violated" the New York constitution in approving the proposed amendment, called the "Equal Rights Amendment" (ERA), due to it appearing too early on ballots.


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