Good policy ideas will go nowhere without the leadership of good policy-makers. FRC Action and FRC Action PAC meet with candidates, research their records, analyze their positions, and endorse those we believe will be principled leaders for faith, family, and freedom.


Whether you are seeking to impact public policy or gain a better understanding of issues impacting faith, family, and freedom, equip yourself with research and information compiled through the lens of a biblical worldview.


The white picket fence. Kids running around the yard. A husband who provides for and loves his family deeply. The wife who turns a house into a home. For some, this is as close to perfection as humanly possible. For others, a successful career in a field of one's dreams equates to a perfect life. Even still, there are so many different ways people paint this picture of perfection and apply it to the lives they hope to live.

A dust storm of political madness is brewing in Phoenix, Arizona as Grand Canyon University faces the continued threats of Department of Education Secretary Miguel Cardona. Christians have watched as the Biden administration attacks biblical views left and right, with a particularly vehement disregard of the sanctity of life and marriage. As such, it can't be too surprising that Cardona, a part of this leftist administration, has "vowed" to shut down America's largest Christian university.

When I was a little girl, my mom and grandma would volunteer to go into prisons and cook meals for the incarcerated. They would tell me and my brother stories of these experiences. I remember my grandma saying, "I was never afraid. They are just people. God loves them, and they need Jesus." The heart of the gospel is freedom. We all were captives until Jesus released us from the darkness of sin and its penalty of death. Our own freedom from darkness should stir us to compassion for the criminal who faces physical captivity as well as spiritual captivity.

Some people are so intoxicated with their own self-importance and totalitarian transcendence of their own niche worldview that the only treatment is a cold, clear draft of reality. This trap snares not only Washington politicians (and their relatives) but often ordinary people working ordinary jobs - just ask the J6 defendants. Unfortunately, the infrequent consequences for outrageous misbehavior - especially for those on the political Left - have caused some to mistakenly conclude that their self-importance is accurate, and that there will be no consequences. And then, the hammer falls.

Following the publication of a damning report on the dangers of gender transition procedures for children, Scotland is officially halting the prescription of puberty blockers and hormone drugs to minors. Scotland's sole gender for clinic for minors, the Glasgow-based Sandyford Sexual Health Service (SSHS), officially announced on Thursday that it will no longer be referring children under the age of 18 to pediatric endocrinology to be prescribed puberty blockers or hormone drugs.

The Sunshine State is now welcoming chaplains into public schools, but Satanists need not apply. On Thursday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) signed a bill into law allowing chaplains to volunteer to offer counseling at public and charter schools. However, the Catholic governor warned that Satanists would not be accepted into the program, as some Christian and conservative groups had feared.


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