Good policy ideas will go nowhere without the leadership of good policy-makers. FRC Action and FRC Action PAC meet with candidates, research their records, analyze their positions, and endorse those we believe will be principled leaders for faith, family, and freedom.


Whether you are seeking to impact public policy or gain a better understanding of issues impacting faith, family, and freedom, equip yourself with research and information compiled through the lens of a biblical worldview.


The members of the Alliance of Christians of Cuba, in the catacombs of Castroism, promote knowledge of human rights, especially freedom of expression and religion, attention to the impoverished population, to prisoners, both political and common, and have called on Cuban parents to reject school impositions from the State. From the moment of the Alliance's founding in 2022, there was pressure from State Security on some pastors so that they did not participate in the initiative, composed mainly of leaders of churches that the regime refuses to register.

For years, Dana and Jewell Onifer hoped and prayed for children, but in God's providence they never succeeded in having a child of their own. "My wife had always kind of felt that she wasn't going to have children, and that we were going to adopt," Dana, a doctor of family medicine in North Carolina, told The Washington Stand. "I was expecting to do both, but adoption is what we ended up with."

The first attempt to explain last weekend's unconscionable security failures at Donald Trump's Butler, Pa. rally left members of Congress deeply unsatisfied. After a conference call earlier this week with U.S. Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle and FBI Director Christopher Wray, legislators complained that the officials filled the time by talking about everything except their failures and left nearly no time for questions.

President Joe Biden reportedly plans to announce his approval for major changes to the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS), including term limits for the justices and the enforcement of an ethics code. This comes, the Daily Caller notes, as Biden and Democrats attempt to "cast the Supreme Court as dangerous" and "out of control." But conservatives are not falling for such a set up. Rather, notable Republican figures such as House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) have described the proposed changes as nothing short of "absurd."

Americans regularly engaged with Scripture place higher importance on civic engagement than their counterparts who are less engaged with the Bible, even as the religiously unaffiliated demonstrate higher levels of "pro-social behavior," a new poll finds.

There seem to be many paradoxes in Scripture. Not in the sense that the Bible contradicts itself, but in the sense that the Bible proclaims truth that makes no sense to those who are not in Christ. Even for believers, we're struck by the unfathomable workings of a God who makes beauty from ashes.


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