Sen. Ted Cruz wins Values Voter Summit Straw Poll for Second Year in a Row

Sen. Ted Cruz wins Values Voter Summit Straw Poll for Second Year in a Row

WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has won Family Research Council Action's 2014 Values Voter Summit Straw Poll, receiving 25 percent of the votes cast. Dr. Ben Carson and former Governor Mike Huckabee finished in second and third place respectively with 20 percent and 12 percent. Former Senator Rick Santorum finished fourth. Governor Bobby Jindal and Senator Rand Paul tied for fifth.

Ben Carson won the vice presidential straw poll, with 22 percent of votes cast. Senator Cruz came in second with nearly 14 percent and Governor Bobby Jindal was third with nearly 11 percent of the vote.

Over 2,000 people were registered for the ninth annual Values Voter Summit. More than 25,000 viewers have watched the event online. Only FRC Action members who were present at the event were allowed to vote.

Family Research Council Action President Tony Perkins released the following statement in reaction to the 2014 Values Voter Summit Straw Poll:

"The Values Voter straw poll sends a message that values voters are looking for leaders who will say what they mean and mean what they say. They are looking for leaders who will take clear, unequivocal stands on the challenges facing our nation, not nuanced politically correct speeches. This is evidenced by those who finished at the top of this year's straw poll.

"Values Voter straw poll reveals that the path forward for the GOP to engage Republican-leaning voters is to put forward true conservative candidates who will unite conservatives around the GOP?s stated priorities of a strong defense, a free economy and family values," concluded Perkins.

Straw Poll Results can be found here:


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