November 4, 2020
FRC Action PACs a Punch in 2020!

FRC Action PACs a Punch in 2020!

Tony Perkins

For anyone who remembers Donald Trump's landslide upset in 2016, it's no surprise the polls got it wrong in 2020. Whether it was wishful thinking or a coordinated attempt to suppress Republican turnout, the mainstream media's much-hyped "blue wave" failed to materialize.

As of now, the race for the presidency is too close to call, with a handful of key states not likely to finish counting votes until at least the end of the week, and a potential for recounts, maneuvering, and litigation. Either way, the election will be a squeaker, not the resounding rejection of Trump for which the media hoped.

FRC Action PAC endorsed 150 candidates who are or will be champions for life and Christian values in Congress. Of those champions, 119 have won their races, while 13 lost (in 18 races, the winner hasn't been declared). That's a win rate of over 90 percent for decided races!

Of the 92 True Blue Members of Congress FRC Action PAC endorsed, only one, Sen. Martha McSally (R-Ariz.), has lost her race. One highlight is the Montana Senate race, where my friend Sen. Steve Daines (R) effectively survived a challenge from the Democratic Governor Steve Bullock, who has consistently vetoed pro-life legislation during his time as governor.

Rep. Ann Wagner (R-Mo.), the sponsor of the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, won her race despite being named as one of the Democrats' top targets. And pro-life champion Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) defeated high profile abortion activist and former state senator Wendy Davis by seven percentage points in a race the New York Times called a "tossup."

Adding to the number of pro-life women in the U.S. House, Minnesota State Senator Michelle Fischbach defeated an incumbent in Minnesota's 7th District; she was endorsed by FRC Action PAC.

State legislative results are slow to come in, but by this afternoon Republicans had retained "trifectas" (single-party control) in 4 states (Georgia, Iowa, Nebraska, and West Virginia) where Democrats thought they were vulnerable. They also retained the Republican legislature in North Carolina.

Continuing a decade-long trend, largely pro-life Republicans continue to dominate state governments; they will continue to hold single-party control in at least 20 states at this hour, and control both legislative chambers in at least five additional states where the governor is Democrat. By comparison, this afternoon Democrats had single-party control in only 10 states and controlled two additional legislatures in states with a Republican governor.

Control of state legislatures will be especially important over the next two years, as they are tasked with re-drawing congressional districts to reflect the 2020 Census. In this way, they can shape the composition of Congress by drawing more districts to be winnable by a Democrat or Republican.

In Louisiana, voters overwhelmingly passed (62 percent to 38 percent) a ballot measure to make clear that a right to abortion or abortion funding cannot be read into the Louisiana constitution if Roe v. Wade is overturned. The initiative was sponsored by Democratic State Senator Katrina Jackson, a strong voice for the unborn. A similar measure in Colorado was defeated only after it was outspent 17-to-1.

Whether or not President Trump wins reelection, the 2020 election provided substantial victories for candidates who are pro-life, pro-family, and pro-religious freedom.