November 7, 2018
FRC Action: Leader of the PAC

FRC Action: Leader of the PAC

It took a fleet of four buses, driving more than 10,300 miles, but the FRC Action midterm election tour was a battleground state success! After six long weeks on the road, our team is finally on the way home after a 12-state swing that may have been the game-changer the conservative movement needed.

In the dozen states that helped decide the U.S. Senate -- and so much more -- we made almost 100 stops, distributing nearly two million voter guides that targeted supporters, churches, activist groups, and state and local organizations. In that time, the FRC Action crew knocked on more than 366,000 doors and launched a social media blitz that was viewed at least seven million times. Forty-six FRC pastors' briefings, 14 culture impact trainings, and 91 pastor roundtables later, we won almost every race that involved our endorsed candidates -- and that's a lot.

Obviously, we're still breaking down the numbers, but in the 12 states FRC Action targeted, we saw higher than normal evangelical turnout. Now, we'd like to see that across the board in every state, in every election -- but clearly, when values voters had an opportunity to support a conservative candidate, they showed up. And these were not just marginal pickups -- they were significant gains with pro-life Christian candidates. Despite the millions of dollars poured into liberal opponents by the Democratic Party, people like North Carolina's Mark Harris and Missouri's Josh Hawley won. That's important because Republicans like these aren't just going to be a vote -- they're going to be a voice for the issues we care about.

On top of electing new friends, FRC Action stood behind faithful ones. Of the 173 members of the House and Senate who earned a perfect 100 percent on our vote scorecard, 151 won. That's an 87 percent re-election rate for True Bluers!

In January, when a new Congress reconvenes, a lot of us might be tempted to get distracted by the division and negativity that's bound to occur. But thanks to these victories, we've also got a lot of great opportunities. Let's not forget what's happened in the last two years under this administration. We've seen a restoration and revival of the First Amendment and fundamental values like life. For the most part, that wasn't done through Congress. That was done through the administration. And it's not going to stop. Now, thanks to the support of so many of you, we also have true partners in the House and Senate who will champion these causes -- no matter what the opposition may be.

As David French wrapped it up in National Review:

"Both parties got the things they felt they had to have. The Democrats obtained the subpoena power in the House, the ability to investigate Trump, and the ability to block what remains of his legislative agenda. The Republicans gained the ability to steamroll the Democrats on judges and built a Senate cushion for 2020. Trump gained the ability to campaign against Nancy Pelosi even as his administration will be placed under a microscope."

"But the bottom line is clear. If the Republicans had to choose a chamber, they'd choose the Senate. They won it decisively, and it's not clear when the Democrats will win it back."