Savage Friends

October 29, 2018 - Monday

Savage Friends

In what looks to be one of the closest U.S. House races in the country, Sean Casten, Democrat challenger in the Illinois 6th Congressional District, has chosen to align himself with a surprising figure: Dan Savage. Savage is an LGBT activist who is probably best known for his vulgar and bullying attacks against people of faith. He's advocated for violence and told Bill Maher he even wished Republicans "were all [expletive] dead." However, in a recent debate Casten specifically named Dan Savage as someone he embraces and "stands" with. It's disturbing that a candidate for U.S. Congress would give a platform to such extreme views. Casten is taking on incumbent Republican Peter Roskam who earlier this year received FRC Action's "True Blue Award." FRC Action PAC has produced a video compiling Savage's numerous, outrageous statements and calling Casten out for his support of Savage. Voters need to know. Please watch this video and then share it with your friends and family in Illinois.

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