October 18, 2018
Conservatives Take a Beating from Far-Left

Conservatives Take a Beating from Far-Left

Another day, another politically-motivated attack. Or three. Less than a week after Eric Holder told Democrats to "kick them," (meaning Republicans) at least two Minnesota protestors and a Florida man took Obama's attorney general seriously. Of course, you wouldn't know it from the mainstream media -- since, as Newsbusters points out, ABC, NBC, and CBS all ignored them.

"You can't do this!" Republican state representative Sarah Anderson says she shouted at the protestor destroying her campaign signs. "Yes, I can, I'm an anarchist! I can do whatever I want!" She told a local news outlet that she tried to pull out her phone to videotape him when the man charged her. "Go kill yourself!" he yelled, trying to stop her from leaving. That's when he punched Anderson in the arm. "I'm leaving now. I'm leaving now," she told him. "And he was still with his head in my vehicle, just yelling. He was irrational, just completely irrational."

Another Republican candidate, this time for the U.S. House, told a local Fox station in Minnesota, stopped at a local restaurant to talk to the manager about hosting a campaign event there. Shane Mekeland was at a high-top table when a man in the group "punched him 'out of nowhere.'" Mekeland said he "fell backward and blacked out when he hit the floor." "The last thing I heard is him say -- I'll keep out the colorful language -- 'You bleepin' people don't give a bleep about the middle class.'"

Like Mekeland, Sarah Anderson was astounded. "The idea that they will physically attack me, that's un-Minnesotan, that is not how we operate, and that's not how we solve problems in the state." Unfortunately, it's un-Floridian too, but that didn't stop a man leaving a Naples Planned Parenthood center from walking up to a praying pro-lifer and assaulting him.

"I saw one of our men, Joe, saying the rosary on the sidewalk," said one witness. "The attacker walked up to him and for several minutes he was verbally badgering him. The language was atrocious, it was horrible," said Mary Claire Dant, a pro-lifer who saw the attack. "At some point he kept screaming, all of a sudden Joe was standing there, boom, he knocks him down onto the ground. Joe got up, as he gets up he pulls his arm and fist back and starts striking him. I heard bone on bone." A local priest told reporters that he arrived and "saw an ambulance with police all over the place. They told me what happened, and at that point, I went to the ambulance and Joe was... quite bloodied up."

Police are looking into all three attacks – which will probably be added to the new Left-wing "rap sheet" that's totaled up more than 600 incidents of violence and harassment against conservatives. The hostility is becoming more common, but for most Americans, it's no less shocking. Just think what these people will do if they get their hands on the levers of government! We've heard what Democrats are saying publicly: "Get up in congresspeople's faces," reject civility, "when they go low, kick them." That's horrifying enough. Now imagine what they're suggesting in private.

"You don't hand matches to an arsonist," President Trump said, "and you don't give power to an angry, left-wing mob. And that's what the Democrats have become. They would turn our country so fast into Venezuela."

How should we respond to these increasing verbal and physical assaults from the Left? While we should not respond in kind, we must also not surrender our voice and our vote in the face of their violent intimidation because that would only encourage their incivility.