March 14, 2016
Cleveland Bound!

Cleveland Bound!

We may not know who will be representing the GOP at the Republican National Convention, but I know one person who will be representing Louisiana -- me! For the second time, I'll be serving as a delegate for my home state when the Cleveland event gets underway July 18. Just as importantly, I've been elected by the delegation to serve on the Republican Platform Committee, which is where some of the most significant debates over the party's core values occur.

In 2012, my role as a delegate gave me the opportunity to play a key role in amending the marriage plank, which led to the committee approving a much stronger version than 2008's. We also tightened language on obscenity and pornography, protected conscience rights, explained how abortion hurts women, and supported the Second Amendment in D.C. And while the platform work is usually overshadowed by the pageantry of the broader convention, make no mistake: What happens over those two days could dramatically impact the direction of -- not just the presidential campaign -- but the entire Republican Party and the country.

Meanwhile, one segment of voters will have a significant say in who and what we're discussing in Cleveland: evangelicals. If you, like most people, want to know what's happening with this enigmatic bloc of voters this election cycle, watch my response on C-SPAN.

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