Making an Impact Monthly

February 12, 2016 - Friday

Making an Impact Monthly

On the airwaves, on the Hill, or in the pews, FRC's work to advance biblical principles is making a real difference. With our recent expansion onto the Bott Radio Network, FRC's "Washington Watch with Tony Perkins" is now heard daily on over 250 stations in 39 states. Combined with the American Family Radio Network and the USA Radio Network, over 70 million Americans can tune their radio dial to hear the latest from me and my special guests on what's happening in the heart of our nation's capital from a Christian perspective.

Our Government Affairs team meets weekly with congressional allies to advance pro-family policies on Capitol Hill. For months they worked diligently on writing, discussing, debating, and encouraging Congress Members to pass the recent budget reconciliation bill. This important bill, though vetoed by President Obama, set a critical precedent that Congress can defund Planned Parenthood and repeal key pillars of ObamaCare with a simple majority vote in the Senate, once America finally has a president who values and upholds life.

In communities across the nation believers are finding their voices in the public square thanks to the expertise of FRC's Church Ministries. When the liberal mayor and City Council of Houston, Texas tried to push through a dangerous ordinance giving special rights to individuals based on their sexual behavior and attempted to intimidate churches into silence on the matter, FRC rallied thousands to their aid. After a year of education and mobilization efforts, the ordinance was soundly rejected in November with a stunning 61 percent share of the vote.

All of this and more is made possible by friends like you who are making faithful and generous commitments to partner with FRC. Will you join them in supporting FRC today to amplify this impact? Find out more information here on how you can become a Monthly Family Partner and stand with FRC for faith, family, and religious freedom.

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