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Amazon Calls Them Like They SPLC Them
For the first two hours of the Big Tech hearing in the House, the most newsworthy thing Amazon's Jeff Bezos did was eat a (read more)
Polling on Girls' Sports Starts a Racket
Not every ruling at the Supreme Court is personal. But five of the justices have daughters -- and three of them went home (read more)
Return to Spender: House Passes Futile Approps Package
How much damage can House Democrats do in 1,165 pages? A lot. And Thursday's massive appropriations package was the latest (read more)

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Persevering in Political Engagement: Lessons from the Life of William Wilberforce
by Worth Loving (July 29, 2020)
The abolition of slavery. Women's suffrage. Civil rights for black Americans. None of these reforms happened quickly. They only came about through years of dedicated efforts from people who refused to give up, despite overwhelming odds.
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