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Swing Sets of Polling on Impeachment
Democrats were supposed to be impeaching the president for political gain! But now, pollsters say, they can't even claim (read more)
Hill Puts a Bow on Military Funding
When Congress sets records, they aren't always good ones! But Monday, the parties kept a good streak alive -- announcing (read more)
The FBI Report: More than Meets the Spy
At 476 pages, the inspector general's report isn't exactly light reading. And that's just fine with Democrats, who are (read more)

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Pornography: America's Hidden Public Health Crisis
by Worth Loving (October 30, 2019)
Many public health crises are clear and easy to detect, manifesting themselves in the form of disease, food contamination, or biological warfare. At one time or another, the United States has faced similar crises head on and overcome them with swift action. However, for
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