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    Trump Administration: Favoring Freedom, Not Faiths
    October 05, 2018

    After eight years of Barack Obama, it must come as a shock to a lot of people that Christians are finally getting a fair shake from the White House. The country’s largest faith group spent the better part of a decade dodging blows – not just in speeches (like this doozy equating Christians to terrorists) – but in policies designed to drive them out of the public square. It’s no wonder Americans feel a little disoriented under an administration that shows Christianity more respect than reproach.  (continue reading...)

    Bus Tour Drives Home The Importance of November
    October 05, 2018

    The Values Buses are cruising on dueling coasts this week! In California, the team had a busy week joining events like the Stanislaus County GOP Annual Picnic in Modesto, a local car show in Turlock, and hosting rallies everywhere alone the way -- from Stanislaus to Sacramento.  (continue reading...)

    Kavanaugh Moves One Step Cloture
    October 05, 2018

    It was a 51-49 vote to end debate -- but for so many people, the end to debate is nowhere in sight. Regardless of what the Senate decides tomorrow, the conversation will go on -- not just about Brett Kavanaugh, but about the entire process, our nation, and what this moment means to a bitterly divided America. (continue reading...)

    Property Law Does Good Deed for Faith Groups
    October 04, 2018

    It was the seventh break-in of the summer. Pastor Elijah Mwitani wouldn't have believed it if it weren't for the smashed windows and carved-up pews. At Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Annandale, the vandalism was almost as regular as the worship services.  (continue reading...)

    Georgia Decaturs to the Far Left
    October 04, 2018

    "When you send your daughter to school -- when you see her off in the morning," said a parent, "you have a level of expectation that you're not going to be worried about them." Unfortunately for one mom in Georgia, there is nothing but worry now.  (continue reading...)

    Google Employee on Blackburn: She's a 'Terrorist'
    October 04, 2018

    Just when people stopped talking about Google's post-Trump cry-fest, the company has another PR disaster on its hands. Weeks after the tech giant was outed for calling the president's supporters "facists," "haters," and "extremists," Breitbart published a nasty email chain from Google's Blake Lemoine calling Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.), among other things, a "terrorist." (continue reading...)

    Planned Parenthood's Planned Payoff for Senate Dems
    October 03, 2018

    Long before the president even made his Supreme Court pick, both sides knew what it would mean. And despite whatever allegations have been made, the bottom line is the same today as it was when Justice Kennedy retired. The battle for this seat is not about one person. (continue reading...)

    Violence, Threats, and the Christian Response
    October 03, 2018

    Being conservative is a dangerous business these days. Congressman Andy Harris (R-Md.) is the latest Republican to find that out, Capitol Police say. A clash over marijuana policy outside Dr. Harris's office turned violent when a group of protestors stormed into Harris's office and assaulted him. (continue reading...)

    A Volunteers Opportunity from SCOTUS
    October 03, 2018

    There are plenty of reasons to be grateful that Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election. But one of the biggest is almost certainly on First Street, NE in Washington, D.C. At least one justice working inside that Supreme Court would be different. And the outcomes of a Clinton-shaped SCOTUS would be even more so. (continue reading...)

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