Contact Your RNC Officials: RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel Must Stop Undermining the GOP Values and Platform

Just a few days ago, Ronna McDaniel, Chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC), announced that the RNC is launching an LGBT Pride Coalition. The RNC serves as the national voice for the Republican Party, and this action has stunned many committed conservatives.

Many Republican voters who have been working to stop the transgender agenda in public schools are shocked. Just this month, in two separate states, girls have been sexually assaulted in their own school bathrooms. This has been enabled by the Left’s gender extremism, to which the RNC is now giving tacit approval. In other places, like Fairfax County, Virginia, moms and dads are trying to remove LGBT pornography from school library shelves and transgender-affirming sex ed out of the classroom. Most Americans are not sitting at home thinking of ways to partner with a movement that is trying to destroy girls’ sports, children’s privacy, religious freedom, and free speech.

A good number of people, myself included, have no problem if individuals who identify as gay or lesbian want to join the Republican Party. The objection is when RNC leaders hang a flashing neon sign over the entrance saying, “We support the LGBT cause,” because we don’t. The GOP platform made that abundantly clear in 2016 and again in 2020. And while prominent Republicans who live that lifestyle are saying they are not going to make sexual orientation the be-all, end-all, center of everything they do, then what exactly is the point of this coalition and PR campaign? Certainly not to endear the RNC to parents, the GOP’s greatest new ally, or longtime conservatives who’ve been fighting for decades to keep this extremism at bay.

Recent polling by Harvard-Harris shows that by a 62-38 percent margin, Americans don’t think people should be able to choose their own sexes and pronouns and 72 percent of Americans (including 62 percent of Democrats) believe that there are just two sexes.

At the end of the day, the Republican Party should welcome everyone who supports its policies, but not build a “big tent” at the expense of core values. Principles like religious freedom and the scientific reality of biology are non-negotiable. Such a decision will alienate a huge number of the party’s voters. In fact, the results of the recent elections in Virginia proved that candidates who stand up for these principles will win.

What You Can Do:

Please contact your state RNC officials right away and let them know that RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel must either reverse this decision or resign. Each state has a State GOP Chair, a State Committeeman, and a State Committeewoman. You can find the names of your state RNC members here.

Points to share when you contact them:


Tony Perkins
FRC Action