FRC Action PAC Announces Endorsement of Nick Bell for Virginia House of Delegates
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FRC Action PAC Announces Endorsement of Nick Bell for Virginia House of Delegates

Washington, D.C. – FRC Action PAC, the political action committee connected with Family Research Council Action is endorsing Nick Bell in his race for Virginia House of Delegates in the 39th District.

FRC Action PAC Executive Vice President Lt. Gen. (Ret.) William G. Boykin issued the following endorsement:

“You have dedicated your life to the service of others, and your professional history as an educator, missionary, and philanthropist is impressive. Your principled stand for fundamental American freedoms is compelling, and we are encouraged by your stalwart campaign: a dedicated effort to unseat an entrenched and politically extreme bureaucrat who is one of the most vocal supporters of abortion on demand in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

“Your opponent supported Virginia’s birthday abortion bill and has a history of opposing partial birth abortion bans. These positions are extreme and out of touch with Virginians. We believe you are the right candidate to return the 39th District to a state of common sense. And your professional experience, including your work with minority communities and your volunteerism, is proof positive of your willingness to tirelessly advocate for causes that are best for others, no matter the odds.

“Based on our discussions with you on key issues, and speaking with those who know you, FRC Action PAC is confident that you will be a principled advocate for constitutionally limited government and strong family values. We are pleased to offer our endorsement of your candidacy for election to the Virginia House of Delegates for the 39th District,” concluded Boykin.


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