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January 19, 2017 - Thursday

After weeks of hearings, the Senate is now scheduled start the process of voting on whether to confirm President-elect Trump’s list of cabinet appointees this week. Among those scheduled for votes Friday are James Mattis for Secretary of Defense, and Mike Pompeo for Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

General James “Mad Dog” Mattis – Secretary of Defense

Retired four-star Marine General James “Mad Dog” Mattis has had a distinguished military career of 44 years and served as both the former Director of U.S. Joint Forces Command, and U.S. Central Command. With tours of duty in the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, and Iraq, Mattis is the recipient of multiple commendations and honors.

In a time when America is slack-jawed at Obama’s commutation of the sentence of traitor Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning for leaking national security information, Mattis is just the man to turn the Pentagon around. He has stated the U.S. is suffering “strategic atrophy” under President Obama, and has a clear-eyed view of threats to American interests. Mattis is a leader who can reverse the course of the past eight years in which our military has been weakened in favor of experiments in social engineering. As recent events have repeatedly reminded us, we need a Secretary that will not support the use of our military to push a social agenda and who will respect the religious liberty of our service members and chaplains.

Congressman Mike Pompeo – Central Intelligence Agency

In his time as a Congressman from the 4th District of Kansas, Mike Pompeo (R) has been a consistent FRC Action “True Blue” legislator, promoting the values of limited government, respect for human dignity, and strong support for religious freedoms. His membership on the House Intelligence Committee, his position as a former Army officer, and his impeccable credentials as a Harvard and West Point graduate have established him as a leader that can be trusted.

Rep. Pompeo understands his position as CIA director would be to “present[ing] factual intelligence and sound judgments to policymakers, including this committee.” In a time when our national security is threatened on every side, Pompeo’s sound judgments are just the kind we need. 

Call Your U.S. Senators

Please call your two U.S. Senators at 202-224-3121 and urge them to vote for James Mattis for Secretary of Defense, and Mike Pompeo for CIA Director.

January 20th means a fresh start for America. You have a voice in who will lead alongside the president – be sure to use it!

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