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NBA's Basket Brawl Leads to Ticket Dive
Looks like the NBA's razzle dazzle over transgender locker rooms and bathrooms hasn't excited basketball fans. In a (read more)
BSA Scouts out the Competition
America doesn't need more evidence that the transgender agenda isn't a political winner -- but the Boy Scouts are providing (read more)
Granite State Gets Rock Solid Testimony
In New Hampshire, it's double-your-trouble with two bills meant to take away freedom under the mask of "tolerance." The (read more)

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What Americans Want In Their Next Supreme Court Justice
President Trump has set January 31 as the date of announcing his Supreme Court pick to fill the vacancy created by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia. In 2016 Election exit polling, 2 in 10 voters (21 percent) said that appointments to the Supreme Court was the most
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