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Reading between the Maligns
Under normal circumstances, the kids at Covington Catholic would be cheering the extra day off. But yesterday's decision to (read more)
D.C. Dishes out Punishment for Area Restaurant
What's the point of a women's restroom if you don't care who uses it? That's a question on the minds of a lot of D.C. (read more)
Bordering on Obstruction
Just moments before I walked into a meeting to discuss the current stalemate over border security and government funding (read more)

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Why We March: The Civil Rights Movement of 2019
by Worth Loving (January 23, 2019)
Yesterday marked the 46th memorial of perhaps the deadliest decision in world history, Roe v. Wade. This Supreme Court decision legalized abortion-on-demand across America and has resulted in the deaths of some 61 million people, more than the Civil War, both world wars,
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