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Protect Safety and Privacy In Our Schools and Oppose Obama's Massive Overreach

Thank you for helping fight back against President Obama's shocking disregard for both the separation of powers as well as the safety and privacy of school-aged children, as he and his administration continue to push a radical sexual agenda without input from Congress or the Supreme Court. Their new guidelines would impact all public schools.

An important battlefront on this issue right now is North Carolina, and that's why we are focusing efforts there. The state's government officials have stood up to the Obama administration's gross overreach and abuse of power on this issue. These far-reaching new federal guidelines for schools were issued in part as a response to North Carolina leaders' refusal to be bullied by left-wing corporations and federal bureaucrats.

The Left is continuing to pressure the state using every means available, and what happens there will have national ramifications for all of us. We may be reaching a tipping point on this issue and it's critical that we stand with these leaders. Please give as generously as you're able and help us reach our matching funds goal.

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