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With Congress back in session, Democrats have renewed their attacks on faith, family, and freedom. They are still pushing the radical Equality Act and are threatening to take away your right to protect your family. 

Democrats are now in full campaign mode with each candidate seeming to lurch further and further Left in an attempt to win over their radical base and clinch the nomination. In fact, every Democratic candidate running for president has pledged to repeal the Hyde Amendment and force taxpayers like you and me to violate our pro-life convictions and pay for abortions! 

We have accomplished so much together for life, family, and religious liberty over the last two and a half years. But that could all change in an instant if Democrats have their way.

We need all the resources we can muster to defend our victories against the radical Left and prepare for the battle to come in 2020.

Please give as generously as you are able. Thank you in advance for your faithful support.

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