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Your Support Will Make the Difference in 2020

Thank you! Your faithful prayers and support enabled FRC Action to secure many historic achievements in 2019 and close out the year financially strong.

In this new year, the Left will push harder than ever to impose their godless agenda on America. But together, we will work to secure and expand upon the precious gains we have made over the past three years for faith, family, and freedom...

  • Cutting off taxpayer funding for abortion,
  • Restoring religious liberty for our men and women in uniform,
  • Protecting children from radical LGBTQ indoctrination,
  • Confirming originalist judges to the federal bench...
  • And much, much more.

FRC Action is hard at work on your behalf in Washington, D.C. every single day. We’re mobilizing our nationwide network of faith leaders and grassroots Americans of faith, and making their voices heard in the White House and the halls of Congress as our elected officials make the policies that will steer our nation into the future.

We are grateful for your partnership as we stand for truth in our nation’s capital!

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